Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser and Polish

Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser and Polish

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I have a white porcelain sink and this stuff works wonders on dark marks left by pots and pans. Everytime i use this stuff my sink looks like it is brand new and in actuality it is older than me.

I got new stainless pots and pans and my husband burned them so bad they turned cooper looking. This is the only thing that got them looking brand new. I am so pleased that I went and bought three containers and use it on my sinks, bathroom showers, and anything listed on the container... It works WONDERS!!!! And is VERY affordable!

This is the only thing that will get the stains off my pots especially when i burn something!

I use this on all my stainless steel. It works great and doesnt scratch.

This is one of my favorite cleaners mainly because it is non-toxic and safe for pets and little people. It cleans counters, ceramic, tile, veneer, all types of metal and stainless steel. Use an old rag because it will stain quickly as it cleans. This is much better than bleach because it doesn't have the harsh smell and it cleans deep. I usually transfer it from the carton to a glass jar because I fear it getting wet and clumping up.

Love this product. Have used it for years. A can lasts well because it doesn't take much to get great results.

I love this product! I use it on my pots and pans, sink, tub, and stove/oven. I'm sure I can find more uses for it.

This stuff is great - gets all the hard to remove brown spots off of pans.

Bar Keepers Friend has been my friend for years. This is great stuff. No scratch, no abrasiveness. It will darken your cloth such as a nice dish rag so use old cloths when using this product.

If you have a house, you need this! You can use it to clean just about anything. I always get mine at Wal-Mart.