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  • Kaseyk123 By  Kaseyk123    

    Kong is King!

    Every dog I have given one of these to absolutely loves it!!!

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  • Cmabeng By  Cmabeng    

    The only dog toy my dog has yet to destroy.

    The Kong products are usually very durable and they range from puppy all the way up to large dog. And the products to fill the Kong toys very in flavors and Allergy specifications.

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  • Skailmama0122 By  Skailmama0122    


    My dog really liked this toy and it wasnt expensive. Santa brought it to him! It just didnt last him very long is my only complaint.

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  • ginaraeb By  ginaraeb    

    Great "busy" toy!

    Perfect toy to keep dogs busy! For summer months (or for teething pups) try freezing putting a banana in and then freezing for a cooling treat!

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  • dtuten0 By  dtuten0    

    My Dog Loves This Toy

    My dog has tons of toys but she wont touch any of her other chews unless its her red bone also by kong these products are almost indestructible however my room-mate has a dog also and he is a very heavy chewer and he can destroy a kong toy but it takes a year or two witch is a very good thing they are a higher price toy but why would you pay small amounts of money for a toy that will only last a week max and have to buy a new one within the next week

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  • pandagirl72 By  pandagirl72    

    Kong review

    My dogs love the kong toy. Great for dogs who like to chew. My blue healer puppy loves it. I put peanut butter in it. It keeps her busy for a while. My 11 year old lab also loves hers also.

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  • katgall3527 By  katgall3527    

    Great toy of pets of all sizes

    We have 2 small dog who love to try to tear things up with little luck due to their size. but the Kong balls are great. we fill each 1 with a decent amount of peanut butter and toss the toys out in the yard. collect them a few hours later and give them a good rinse and repeat. I'd defiantly recommend these toys to pet of any size.

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  • ckh5034 By  ckh5034    

    I like this toy/ chew treats. I found it to be great for a big dog but a dog medium size can't get a grip on it. Cause the rubber is to thick or hard.

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  • albaemmy By  albaemmy    


    This lasted my pitbull years! Eventually she tired of it. It is a sturdy rubbery material. It is very well made. My pitt could not bite through. We were very happy with the purchase.

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  • DebEmilioSteve By  DebEmilioSteve    

    Love this-indestructible. Our dogs have always loved these and sometimes we put a treat in or peanutbutter to keep them busy while we're away.

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  • According2Mandy By  According2Mandy    

    Love it!

    We love our kongs! The dogs really enjoy having them home alone and it is perfect. I can't believe I waited so long to get one for them.

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  • crisss By  crisss    

    This is a great toy for our dog. She pretty much chews everything, but she can't chew Kong. We usually give this to her with peanut butter. Very durable & long lasting.

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  • SophiaG By  SophiaG    

    Cant Ruin this Toy

    This us the best toy for large dogs. Have gone through so many toys in past but this one last and last. If your looking for a chew toy that your large dog cant ruin this is it.

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  • sittingbull By  sittingbull    

    Best toy ever made, have went thru 50 toys or more and this is the only one my pit bull and rottweiler can't tear up..

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  • laynatheissen By  laynatheissen    

    We have bought many Kong toys in the past, which we love! They are one of the only toys that actually last more then 5 mins. We bought 2 of these toys. 1 for each of our pitbulls. Within 5 mins both toys were destroyed into tiny little chewed up red pieces. Sorry but we will not be buying this toy again.

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