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  • ChapstickGypsy By  ChapstickGypsy    

    I was recommended these bottles and I had to try them. I got them and I loved them. A little pricy, but you can change out the nipples with his age. The only cons I have is that they are much harder to clean then regular bottles and sometimes it tends to leak, but not too bad. They are awesome though :)

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  • TinkDR77 By  TinkDR77    

    Now that I've tried these I would never use anything else. Solves the problem before there is one. If your baby has colic, acid reflux or anything tummy related I would give these a try. We first switched her formula and she was much better but still was concerning me that she was uncomfortable then with the addition of Dr. Brown's bottles she's been good to go and hasn't had an issue since. Couldn't think of a negative thing to say about them.

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  • mommyharris By  mommyharris    

    Dr. Brown's really worked but they are a pain to clean. Too many parts! If you're baby doesn't have issues with colic or upset tummy, just stick with Parent's Choice or disposables.

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  • renkeichan By  renkeichan    

    The ONLY bottles for us! We had "standard bottles" when my now 8 year old was born. She had ear infection after ear infection. We discovered these bottles and amazingly no more ear infections. The starw inside equalizes the pressure. It is the ONLY bottle we have used for our twins and only one ear inefction of the both of them and they are now 2. Now if I could figure out how to get them from liking them so much! They can be a bit of a pain, but if you rinse them out within 12 hours of use the straws don't get too clogged! We put the straws in the utensil holder in the bottom of the washer (and turn off the heated dry cycle) and the rest just goes into bottle baskets. Sure it takes a few backets to hold all the pieces, but still worth it! We thought about the playtex but you have to keep buying inserts and that just seemsed like a pain, especially with twins! We would have had to buy a TON of these!

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  • 07clement By  07clement    

    Way to many parts to clean when you are struggling with an infant, I never felt like they were clean enough to feed her. I switched to the Playtex throw away liner ones I can get all the air out and can throw out the liner.

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  • kinleysmommy By  kinleysmommy    

    I have these and they work great. They are a little pricey but that is okay because they work. I also like these because the nipples do not collapse on them. Good bottles all around but you will have to clean five separate pieces.

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  • xlessliex By  xlessliex    

    I have used these and ONLY these DR Browns Bottles for both of my sons ( now 4 yrs old and one is 4 months old) I can honostly reccomend every parent to use these bottles for their baby especially if your child has belly problems and The ventilation system is wonderful for those who are colicky! one small Con is the Cleaning process but it is so much more worth baby being happy with these botles than others that bring alot of air into the mouth of babies!!!!

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  • Krystalsheree By  Krystalsheree    

    I used them on my son and I never had problems with gas or air on his tummy.I loved them.

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  • Jasnet By  Jasnet    

    DH took to these ones and they were great!! No gas problems, no leaking. (We preferred the wideneck ones for grasping purposes only) The only thing is that the collars are hard to clean after a while.., so we just replaced.

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