Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

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Best pressure cooker ever Absolutely love this instant pot pressure cooker. Cooks meals so quickly. They taste amazing. You can make pretty much anything in here.

Great Love this. It's tough to always leave food in the oven nowadays but this is basically set it and forget it

Instantpot I love my Instantpot. It makes meal simple, and delicious.

You need one, I swear How could you not love this thing?? It can cook everything and as long as you have a good recipe, turns out perfectly every time!

The must have appliance!!! The instant pot is the greatest appliance ever. I like to use it for eggs, meat and basically anything I can. I want to try a cake. It works as a slow cooker also but make sure to check your manual for settings it's not the same as a slower cooker. I recently purchased the 8 qt duo fryer instant pot and it's amazing. It air-fries or you can use the normal pressure lid. I want to try a beer can chicken. This is the one must have shortcut appliance! It will make a meal or prep a meal so fast!

I love the InstaPot! It does everything- pressure cook, rice cook, saute, slow cook, and makes yogurt! I love using the pressure cooker feature for my InstaPot. Being that it is a electric pressure cooker, its a lot safer than a pressure cooker used on the stove because it will automatically turn off if the pressure inside get to high. So nothing to worry about.

The Magic Pot! Instant Pot is the magic pot! I have started using it for everything....soup, stews, dips, saute and even made a cake! I am addicted to my instant pot!

Game changer fast meals I used to love my slow cooker but this is a game changer last minute meals in an hour or less. Cooks like it been on a slow cooker for hours out family favorite is ribs. It so easy to use I was intimidated at first but don't be.

Love this Instant pot!!! This is my new favorite appliance!!! It does everything for me. everything in my meals! It is crazy, it does like a slow cooker, instant pot, etc.

best ever I love my instant pot you can make so many things in it like roasts in 45 min. They are so tender and tasty I ove how fast it cooks My only issue is I have problems with the lid and that little pressure thing that is on the lid its hard to get it right without it releasing pressure for me.

Everyone should have one I have the six quart version. I use it every single day--more than any other appliance, even my microwave! I don't even use my CrockPot anymore, because this one appliance has become my rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, and I steam and saute in it all well. It's really handy. So far, I have the steamer and the egg/trivet inserts. Its makes easy and great baked oatmeal (using steel cut oats), fluffy quinoa, tasty corn cobs steamed in their husks, and I've perfected medium-boiled eggs. I've taken it along with keep warm the mashed potatoes made entirely in it. I keep finding new recipes that help me use it more and more.

Instant pot might be the best invention ever!! I admit that at first I was terrified to use my Instant Pot. I had read too many horror stories. When I finally decided to try it, I couldn't believe how easy it was to use! The first recipe I did was shredded chicken. I'm on a keto diet and this is something I eat often. In under 15 minutes, I had shredded chicken to do my weekly meal prep! The valve is actually not that scary to use as long as you use caution. Natural release is great for people who are just getting used to using their instant pot. Quick release is also really easy, I use a wooden spoon to release the valve with both natural and quick release. I don't have tons of room on my counters because I have too many kitchen appliances. I keep this in the box and it actually is better because there is no dust on it. If you haven't tried this already, take the plunge! You won't regret it!

Easy to use, functional. Have owned this product for quite a few years, and use it consistently mainly for meat cooking. Very easy to use, less time to make meat really tender, and safer than the traditional pressure cooker.

Beans are Back! I love Insta Pot for cooking beans of all kinds. My family loves beans, but I hate to cook them. With the Insta Pot beans are back and everyone is happy.

You have to get an Instant Pot. I have 3 Instant Pot Duos. A 3 qt, 6 qt and a 8qt. My husband is the one that convinced me to get the 8 qt because as he said "everything you've cooked in the instant pots are so good" I use the 6 qt the most often and there are two of us. I use the 3 qt for my morning oatmeal, veggie side dish, a few hard boiled eggs..( for any small dish items). The 8 qt I use for chili, ribs, my PIP (pot in pot) meatloaf (that's the only one that my pan fits in.) I haven't cooked pasta on the stove since I tried my first pasta recipe in the IP. It always comes out just right and only one pan to clean up. Too many people have not read the instructions and have not even done the water test and I believe that is why some have trouble and don't get good results. I have even give two as gifts.