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The fact that these come in four bite sized bars is great. One bar as opposed to overeating, except all four bars are in the same wrapper, so I'll eat them all at once anyway because they're so good. That'll teach snickers for thinking outside the box. The snickers crisper so definately are different. Think of Rice Krispies crashing into caramel and chocolate. Really, where do you go wrong with that combo?

Just finished in a seconds ..My whole family loves sit

This is one of the best bars I've eaten in a long time. They are crunchy and crispy, but not hard. They have enough chocolate to satisfy without being to chocolatey. The only word I can use is YUM!!

It was delicious, I liked the crunchyness, caramel and chocolate. I also liked that there were separate pieces, so I don't have to eat the whole bar at once

Sn8kers Crisper is so delicious love that it was crisp and in smaller pieces so it was easy to eat thank you shespeaks for giving me the opportunity to try it for free!

It was nice to try a new candy bar, but really I prefer a traditional Snickers bar.

While I definitely love all of the other varieties of Snickers I also really enjoyed the Snickers Crisper that I received from @SheSpeaks to try. I love that it's lighter than other Snickers bars due to the substitution of the crispies for the nougat yet just as satisfying. The overall taste is a slight bit different from the original Snickers and, unlike others who expected it to taste just like original Snickers and were disappointed, I loved it! The crispies with chocolate, caramel and peanuts are just light and crispy and yum!!! I also love that the candy bar is separated into several pieces. It makes it easier to eat in general as well as easier to save (what?! save chocolate?! LOL) a few pieces for later if you choose to. I give it an A!

These are pretty good! I love that they come in smaller pieces. Super helpful for portion control. They aren't classic snickers so don't expect that. They are much crispier. I do prefer a regular snickers

My family loved it and already bought couple of these.

My favorite candy bar has always been snickers so I was really excited to try this. I was however really disappointed. I felt like you could t taste the individual ingredients like you can in a normal snickers

A delicious crunchy bar with a load of snickers taste. I shared with my fiance and he went out, bought more. we are not huge chocolate eaters but I will be having this again. I ate mine when I needed a chocolate break from stress and dealing with teenage girl drama!! Thanks Shespeaks! Disclaimer: I received my Snickers for free to taste test and review in exchange for my honest opinion of the new Snickers Bar.

I enjoyed this product. I was hoping for a full sized bar, I mean like a normal candy bar, not broken into 4 separate bits. I did enjoy the flavor and the extra crispiness, it was new and interesting - I just enjoyed it, it has the perfect balance of peanuts, caramel, chocolate - all.

Good twist on original snickers. Good crunch. I liked it a lot!

It's okay if you already have this one hand. I don't really like the crisp in the snicker. I thought it tasted all right.

I like Snickers, but when I tried the New Snickers Crispers, I liked them better than the Snickers.