L'Oreal Paris Revitalift® Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift® Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum

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Some small improvement in plumping up wrinkles, but I really wish it was more moisturicing for my thirsty dry skin, and the fragrance was very strong.

I loved the concept for this product. I was very hopeful that it would work for me. I have newly formed fine lines and slightly loosening skin around my chin and smile lines. I loved the pen delivery system, no guessing about the amount needed, and it seemed like a quality dispensing system. The serum itself. The smell was waaaaayy too strong for me, and I had to wash it off every time I tried to use it because the smell started a headache for me. I rarely have issues with makeup, creams, serums etc., but I do have sensitivity to smells, and this one was just too strong for me personally.

This is the only Loreal product that I was using before this assignment came along so I can give a review for about 6 months worth of use. In general, I like the product and definitely think that it is good for the money. I use it under my eyes and where my dimple creases are every morning. It does a good job of relieving the fine lines by adding moisture. I like the packaging, very cheeky to make it look like a hypodermic.

I was excited to try this product to see the result. Although it was a nice product, I was not very impressed with the results. The serum moisturize your skin and feels smooth after application, however, I did not get visible difference after applying for 30 days. The box claims "cheekbone fullness & more rounded", but I did not get that result. Thanks for letting me try this product and hopefully, I can discover some products which are greater fit for my needs.

I like that this product didn't come in a jar, though the delivery system was a bit awkward at first, the product is easy to dispense, and you can control how much comes out. Do I believe that this product will give me back lost volume, no, not at all. Great marketing, but lets be real. I also liked that this product didn't cause any breakouts or other unwanted reactions. Nice serum for the price.

The product went on easily and wasn't oily, but I didn't really notice a benefit, at least not enough to actually purchase this product and add it to my routine.

I could only use one pump per application. Whenever I applied a lot of product, I could feel my face plumping up. The plumping effect could be how the wrinkles "fill in." It could also be a sign I am slightly allergic to the product. When I applied two pumps, my face felt almost inflamed. There was no rash though. The plumping feeling was not pleasant around my eyes, so I kept the serum away from my eyes as much as possible. That helped. I still have product left on day 28 thanks to that technique. If I look really hard, I see a slight improvement in the appearance of the lines. It almost makes me think the plumping I feel is working on the lines. This makes me want to finish it all to see how much improvement I can get overall. As I did see improvement, I could recommend this. I have yet to actually determine whether I am allergic or not though.

I liked the way this product felt on my face, but I did not notice a real improvement in the appearance of fine lines. I was looking for a non-invasive solution to small lines and wrinkles, but this did not do the trick for me.

Pleasant, light scent. Substantial serum that smooths in to skin nicely. I feel like my skin texture is smoother and tone is a little more even. I didn't notice a difference in wrinkles, however. I like the look of packaging but thought it seemed a little too complex for pumping out a few drops of serum each time. The product seemed to dry out my skin in certain areas and cause some intense itchiness, where I needed to use an additional facial cream to make this product really work for my skin.

I liked the feeling of this product on my skin, although I really haven't noticed any improvements in my fine lines and wrinkles. Perhaps, I need to use the product for a linger time. The applicator took a little while for me to get the hang of using, but once I figured it out it worked great!

When I first started using this product, I really didn't notice too much of a difference in the appearance of my fine lines but as the weeks went on, I skipped using it one day and I could tell a bit of difference in how my skin looked. I don't like the packaging though - I can't tell how much is in the container and I have a feeling that once the pump can't pump more out, that there will probably be at least a few days worth of product left, which would end up getting wasted. I probably wouldn't buy this unless I could get it on sale for a really good price because I don't like the container it comes in and it doesn't make as big of a difference as I had hoped it would.

I used the Revitalift Volumizing Concentrated Serum before applying my normal facial moisturizer. I like the way the serum container dispenses only a small drop at a time. I applied the serum over my face and along my jawline, it absorbed quickly and seemed to make my daily moisturizer absorb better as well. This left my face feeling much softer and smoother overall. I used this product for about 4 weeks, I did not notice much difference in the lines around my mouth and eyes, but did notice my skin appeared to be plumper and softer. Overall a nice product at a reasonable price.

I received my product quickly and was impressed with how it was dispensed. Like others, though, it would be nice to see how much I was was using. It went on very smoothly, absorbed quickly and did not make my face feel stiff. My cross feet seem to be smaller in size and my face feels great - overall, I would use this product again.

I liked the way this product felt on my face, I didn't see any difference in my skin.

It was just okay. The serum felt nice on my face and absorbed quickly. I'm just not sure if it really made a big difference. Maybe I need to use it for a longer time? I really liked the packaging and thought it was easy to apply.