DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

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Tasted good and was very refreshing. I felt good knowing that I was hydrating my body.

they tasted ok not bad. I didn't notice if i was more hydrated ...

this was a little bit better than the lemon but I wouldn't buy it. didn't like the taste of this

Enjoyed this flavor- not too sweet, refreshing!

The berry flavor was good, not too sweet and made drinking water more palatable. My son used it after a basketball game and he said it worked similar to Gatorade.

I thought it tasted ok. but it was to thick. it did quench my thirst

I enjoyed this product and it was pleasant tasting without being overly sweet. Would purchase.

Very refreshing lemon flavor, not artificial at all.

It completely does it's job. It quenches my thirst and hydrates me. The taste is ok. I like this flavor better than the lemonade. I just don't care for the thickness. The consistency is that of like Gatorade, which I do care for. Feels like drinking medicine. But like I said, it does what it is supposed to do. I just wouldn't drink them simply for fun.

I enjoyed this product and it was pleasant tasting without being overly sweet.

My kids are very active in sports and for the most part do not like the taste of plain water. I'm always looking for something to add to their water, to give it a bit of flavor, without all the sugars so they will drink more. The DripDrop powder might be the answer I have been looking for. Both kids preferred the berry flavor, I liked the lemon. It is easy to toss a packet into their sports bag and they have it on hand for when they need to drink but don't feel like it. Much easier then carrying one of the expensive sports drinks around.

I am not a huge fan of berry-flavored items. This was tolerable, as far as berry items go. It was flavored about right-not too strong or weak. It is nice to be available in a convenient form.

The packets are very convenient. I brought this one to work when I wasn't feeling too great but had to be in the office. The taste is okay, but I feel like it did help me feel better. I usually bring a sports drink when I'm not feeling too great but this did the trick too.

Love the berry! Sweet but not overwhelming. It was quite refreshing!

The berry had a good taste we used it with a stomach bug. I like the easy to store packs.