L'Oreal Paris Visible LIft Blur Foundation

L'Oreal Paris Visible LIft Blur Foundation

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Silky and smooth. Very lightweight. Allows my skin to breathe. Coverage is medium. Shade 211 closely matched my complexion... in which I was pleased. This foundation gave my face a dewy finish and somewhat of a glow. Looks good for about 6 hours of wear.. Held up well considering the heat and humidity where I live. For me, it does BLUR the look of some blemishes and spots and leaves my face feeling nice and soft.

It looks so natural on my skin. I received many compliments on the first day I used this product. Although it was hot all day, I only did touch up my makeup just once. Love the product.

It felt light as air and actually did what it said it would... it blurred lines and imperfections. My skin looked like porcelain. Really liked this product. Will likely buy it and will definitely recommend it to others.

I'm not sure I really noticed a difference from the other product I currently use but it provided natural coverage. It didn't feel caked on, it felt smooth & went on easy. I liked the color as I am very fair skinned.

L'Oreal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation went on silky and smooth, it felt very light weight on my skin and provided the coverage i needed, i just wish there were more shades to choose from, the one i received didn't quite match my skin tone

L'Oreal Paris Visible LIft Blur Foundation is a great product since it offers a lightweight foundation with as much coverage as the heavier ones. It felt silky smooth and after a few uses, made my skin feel extra smooth. All in all, I would recommend the product if there is a color match.

i liked the way it went on when applied soft and silky. I felt the coverage was not quite there. I think it was a little to sheer then the product i am currently using. Its still a good product, but not for me.

I faithfully wear a high end foundation over the same brand of primer. I was hesitant but really liked the l'oreal blur foundation with SPF. It is lightweight and created a soft glow. While it did not completely hide blemishes and spots, it softened their appearance for a natural look. I like it just as much as my usual brand and would defiantly recommend it to others.

I would have preferred a little darker sample however I really liked this product. It was very light and I didn't get an oily face while wearing it during the day. It had a baby powder feel to it as I applied it to my face. I would definitely recommend this product.

The color was just right. It was easy to apply and looks very soft and smooth on my face. I really like that this foundation is lightweight and doesn't look heavy or caked on when I applied it.

I received this in the warmer months and have combination skin ,which would tell me overall how the coverage would go. I received creamy natural being more towards my winter skin, because I tend to get a bit darker in the summer. It is the time I prefer to wear this type of makeup as my skin also gets irritated and dry then. I applied it with my fingers in a light application and also in a heavier manner. I felt out of the tube that it would be lighter and it does not feel dry or caked on over my combination skin. It is not sliding around as I tried powder bronzer of varying types, blush in powder and cream to see how it worked. I felt a light color blush works to further the look. With the heavier hand of application, it does seem to smooth out the appearance of the skin and you can feel a difference in what I will say is a soft texture. If you get a lighter shade as I did, then you need to make sure to even out how you apply. It will give a hydrated type of feel once settled on your skin and you can test it on your hand to see. It means that it feels uniform over your face and you will see or be able to tell more after awhile. I received this as a sample from the testing program and it states that it is an OCTINOXATE SUNSCREEN BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 18. It is suggested for better protection to use it with other sun protection for more success in avoiding sunburn.

I liked that it blended smoothly, and it really liked the color. I had it wipe off on my sleeve during the day when I touched my face, but overall it was 4 stars.

This went on so quickly and easily. Didn't leave any oily residue on my hands and/or clothes. My face felt like it was glowing but with a Natural glow and not a caked on makeup kind of glow. Was easy to blen and matched my skin tone almost to perfection. It also lasted me al day and that is quite an accomplishment because I am Chef and work in an extremely HOT kitchen all day. Definitely my go-to makeup from now on.

It gave a natural glow to my tired summer skin. It covers up any spots well. Maybe need to come up with more shades to choose from to get some dramatic effect and different flavor. It was moisturizing, not cakey, and I could smile without it cracking around my lips

The foundation went on silky smooth and made my skin feel extra smooth. The color went on at least a shade and a half paler than what it looked in the tube. It did give excellent coverage however I couldn't tell after days of use that it made any noticable difference in the lift or texture of my face. I would recommend this if someone wants a makeup product that goes on as silky as this one.