Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizer

Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizer

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I love these cute little hand sanitizers great for your childs lunch pale, would love them in large size

Hand sanitizers are critical to my weekly travel. I prefer something that doesn't smell medicinal. This brand has a variety of scents I like.

I love these! I have one in my purse, one in the truck, one in the car, and two that attach to my kids backpacks. They smell good, come in a variety of scents, are cheap, and do a good job of cleaning the hands in a pinch! Love these things!

Best hand sanitizer around!

I have several of these around the house , in my purse, attached to my wallet and attached to my purse on the outside. I must say they are a good value for the money. Everybody around me will use mine if they can see it. I love the different smells that are made available as well. They are easy to carrying and so useful. I use mine a lot after shopping at stores and before eating some where when we go shopping.

Love the size and convenience. Wish they came in some less obtrusive scents. People are constantly commenting, "What's that smell?" as if they're offended by it, when I put on hand sanitizer

Super convenient to throw one of these anywhere. Your backpack, purse, desk drawer at work, the glove compartment in your car. Worth picking up several.

The come in insane number of scents. I have so many. The size is nice and the little beats inside feel good when applying

This is the perfect size for my daughter to take to school in her book bag and for me to use in my purse and desk at work.

What's not to love about Bath and Body Works? Especially when their SEMI-ANNUAL SALE is going on! I stock up when that time comes around since everything is soooo cheap! I have their products in EVERY room in my house. From hand soaps, bath gel, body oils, and even wall plug ins! Let's just say I have the hand sanitizer in every little compartment and to-go bag! All smells are pretty much AMAZZZZINGGG!

I love all things Bath & Body Works. This product is no exception.

I have yet to be disappointed by a BATH & BODy WORKS product. This hand santizer is the only sanitizer that does not leave my hands dry from all the alcohol that other brands use. Refreshing smell and great quality!

I carry these in my purse and just recently bought my three old a few as well for her pink purse she insists on bringing everywhere! They come in handy for a quick hand wash when either a bathroom is far or the line to the sink is ridiculous. We love all the different scents too!

I have about 10 of these! I keep them in my purse, diaper bag, my car, on my nightstand, and in my desk. They smell incredible!!

Wonderful product overall. It is easy to throw in to purses, gym bags, drawers at work, etc. I have never had a problem with them leaking as I have with other travel side hand sanitizers. They are at a great price point and usually have a deal for purchasing more. The only drawback is some of the scents are quite powerful.