L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

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I have little to no imperfections on my face, no redness other than around my rose and I find that this BB Cream didn't do much for me other than even out the redness around my face. Not that I don't like it or anything its pretty decent but for those who have acne scars or anything this might not do too much/nothing for you. I think this might work out best for those who don't have much to cover up like myself.

Thank you for allowing me to try this product. I was super excited to try this BB cream as I had heard a lot of good things about this product. I found this cream to be a little too dark for my skin even though I had received the light color. I also thought that it didn't get me enough coverage. I have used it as a primer and that seems to work with my foundation and makes my skin look better than the bb cream alone. Not sure that I will buy this in the future, but I was glad to have gotten to try it.

Thanks for letting mev try this product for free. I feel like its more of a tinted moisturizer it has light coverage wich is good for those days in which i'm just running errands but i feel like it needs more coverage, it doesn't cover all my redness so i stil lhave to use concealer. what i do like about it is the fact that you don't need any powder since it has a matte finish.

After using the bb cream for a few weeks I am over all very happy with it. It did leave my skin a bit dry so I started using my usual moisturizer underneath and that made all the difference. I do like the ease of use and that I don't have to use anything else besides a bit of concealer for bigger pimples. I like that I get a smooth, even toned look without a lot of effort and time.

This is my first time using a BB Cream and to tell you the truth I am not impressed at all maybe I need to use it some other way or differently because it did not impressed me at all!

I've received several samples of this in the mail of the past few months. I've used it enough times to know that personally, this isn't for me. I have oily, acne prone skin. And this particular BB Cream, didn't do my skin any favors. It felt oily to me, I would recommend this for someone who has dry skin, but not skin like mine.

I reaqlly need to try this stuff, i hear wonders about it.

I am torn about this BB cream. On one hand it made my skin look great which is awesome, but on the other hand it felt like it just sat on my skin all day. It made me want to wash my face all day long. If it hadn't looked so great I probably would have.

This is a really good BB cream with medium-full coverage. The shades are limited however, which is a big con. When I self tan, I can pull this off, but otherwise it makes my face a lot tanner than the rest of me.

I've been using this for awhile and cannot really tell a difference. It should be a little bit thicker consitancy

This is a really good BB cream. Has minimal coverage for days when you need a little something to even out your skintone. Wear this everyday to go to work. Is light and easy to apply. Doesn't make my skin break out. I definitely like this product for a quick go to when you are trying to get out of the house with kids.

I like that it feels light on my face. Minimal coverage. Helps perfect the skin on face without heavy foundation. Wish the tube was bigger. I will probably buy in another color so I can see which one I prefer. Great for the days you want to quickly put on your makeup and go.

I got mine yesterday and loved the gold packaging it came it. I was so excited and wanted to try it out. I washed off my makeup I had on and applied. I was a bit surprised by the color and thought that it was no way it would match my skin. Well I was wrong. Once I starting applying it, the beads turned into a shade that matched by skin. I gave a light coverage so it looked more natural. I do havea couple of acne scars, so I put a dab of mineral powder in those areas and viola! I have pretty oily skin and was impressed that my face wasn't shining after a couple of hours. I washed it off at bedtime and still not shine. I'm impressed.

I just received this BB cream in the mail..it is a very exciting new product. I like the idea of a shorter makeup routine! So far, I will say that I am impressed with the product. Where my makeup and routines are involved, I will need to continue using this product for the rest of the week before I can be positive regarding it's benefits...stay tuned:)

I really liked this BB cream. I liked that the cream was thin and white as it came out of the tube but when you applied it to your skin it became a shade that matched your skin tone. It has good coverage and made my skin look radiant. I used the light shade and it was perfect for my skin tone.