L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

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This stuff is awesome. It's like a lighter version of foundation, but it looks great by itself! I love that you can just apply it in a few seconds and get going. Perfect for when you don't want to wear a full face of makeup!

I have little to no imperfections on my face, no redness other than around my rose and I find that this BB Cream didn't do much for me other than even out the redness around my face. Not that I don't like it or anything its pretty decent but for those who have acne scars or anything this might not do too much/nothing for you. I think this might work out best for those who don't have much to cover up like myself.

I love using my L'Oreal BB cream is like magical because disappear my scar acne see different, no oil my face. I felt lightweight and save time one bottle because they have primer, foundation and moisturizer

I had tried the Garnier BB Cream when it was first released but I wasn't amazed by it. Since then I had not tried any other BB cream, I am so glad to have given this a chance. It works great, it has become my go to foundation. It looks flawless on, I only add a bit of concealer if any and I am ready to go. I have combination skin more on the normal side, and I just love it

I received my L'Oreal BB Cream yesterday. I was anxious to try it out. I need a simple makeup routine as I have to be at work by 4 am . So this will save me time . I usually put on moisturizer ,primer and them foundation. I really like the feel of this cream on my skin just the right amount of moisture and very natural looking.

I was a little scared at first. It looked like something I should brush my teeth with or clean my shower. But then I put in on my face and it was truly magic. It adjusted to my skin tone and what was once a white cream turned biege and creamy. This is a good drugstore buy!

Nice buy! Nothing beats the way it makes your skin feel!! I couldn't get over it & kept having my husband touch my face : D I loved it! The color threw me off when I 1st saw it but I feel it blended really well, you couldn't tell where it had been applied , only by seeing that my face looked softer & nicer. The only con is it doesn't provide heavy coverage, but I still like to use it on the daily :)

Unfortunately, this product didn't really give the results I was hoping for. As a woman of color, I chose the "deep" shade. But the product made my skin look "ashy" and not very flattering. I tried it for several days consistently to see if I could see any difference and there wasn't any in the way my skin looked after the product was applied. I've used Origins brand of BB cream and its deep shade was fantastic.

I love it, it transforms easily and can be worn by ANYONE! You do not have to be a makeup artist to use this product. I am no MUA but I have an addiction to makeup I LOVE IT!!!

An excellent product even if it didn't quite match my skin, it works great as a concealer and helped moisturize my skin. Will use it in the future !

Easy to use, even for a make up newbie. :-)

I have very uneven skin coloration and always wear foundation to cover it. When I tried the BB Cream, I was really surprised how well it actually evened out my skin without feeling like I had foundation on. It feels like you don't have anything on at all, which I love. I've started wearing it in place of a regular foundation and my skin is doing so much better. Definitely a big fan of this.

I was excited when I received the loreal bb cream in the mail and i couldn't wait to try it. I applied it as a tinted moisturizer with just a translucent powder on top. I did not see any difference in coverage. I looked exactly as I did before I had applied it. I was so disappointed because it went on so smoothly and it felt very lightweight, but I didn't like the results.

Impressive product! I have tried several BB creams but have not seen one that can beat L'Oreal's - the coverage is amazing, and the color matches perfectly. I am confident I can use this year round no matter what color my skin is and still see excellent coverage. I also love that it hydrates my very dry skin and keeps it looking dewy fresh all day. I am familiar with their hair products but this is the first L'oreal face product I have ever used, and it has made me take a second look at all their skin care offerings. Fantastic stuff!

Have you tried the new Loreal Magic BB Cream yet? I did, thanks to SheSpeaks and I am so glad I did!! This is a wonderful product! I was surprised at first that it was white, and wondered how it would look verses the normal foundation. No need to be worried!! This cream works great!! It blends in so nicely, and doesn?t leave a dark residue on your hands after using. It makes my skin look fresh and glowing, all in one!! I love this cream. I will be making the switch from a foundation that I have used for over 20 years to this great new Magic BB Cream!! Thanks Loreal & SheSpeaks for introducing me to this great new product!! Love it!!