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  • Monterroza Monterroza

    I just recieved this this today, and let just tell you that this shampoo is amazing! Trust me, I have very thick long frizzy curly hair, and this product just left it looking and feeling do amazing. If any one of you out there is reading this, and you have thick or curly hair, let me tell you this product is amazing. It leaves your hair smelling great, and so soft. It leaves you're hair shiny, and less frizzy. I began wearing my curly hair natural with no product thanks to this shampoo. This is a good price and great quality. Worth every scent.

  • Kimhappymom Kimhappymom

    My hair is very thick and has coloring on it. This product seemed to leave my hair and scalp dryer then anything else I have used

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    


    The CLEAR SCALP AND HAIR BEAUTY shampoo is and awesome product. Cleans my hair and makes them shiny! Great price and great value! I would recommend to everyone who wants a quality product.


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