Tree Hut Coconut Lime Shea Sugar Scrub

Tree Hut Coconut Lime Shea Sugar Scrub

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Great stuff. The smell is great - and I don't like coconut. Really smoothed me out :)

amazing scrub !! amazing scent ! leaves your skin smooth and silky even without applying lotion ! I love it !!

This gets 4 stars instead of 5 only because I think it's highly unlikely that it can't be improved, if only a little. That said...I really wish I could have given it a 4.5. It smells amazing, which is the main requirement that I have for a bath and body-type product. It is a sugar-based exfoliant and it's milled (if that's a word) well. It works like any exfoliant to make my skin smooth, but it's not too much - some feel like sandpaper. This doesn't. It's not too granular...more like a paste. It is generously portioned and will last me a long time. A little dab will do ya. It's in my shower currently and I use it about every 2-3 showers and have almost 2/3 of the jar left. Would definitely re-buy and would recommend to someone in the market for this type of product.

I've been looking at the Burts Bees scrub and have wanted to try a scrub but was hesitant with the price tag. The scent of this scrub was nice and light and lasted a long time on my skin. I enjoyed the scrub a lot.

This is one of my FAVORITE body scrubs! I love the scent, the smoothness it leaves my skin with, and most important, the price! It's widely available and super affordable!

I am particular about body products, so I was a bit reluctant to try this scrub---my mistake!! This scrub was excellent. I spent a month at a camp and was outside a lot. My skin got a lot of sun and was pretty dry. I loved using the scrub on my arms, legs, etc. The smell was refreshing, not overbearing. It actually was invigorating. If you love scrubs, this one will be a favorite. I liked the consistency, not too thick or gooey. It easily went on to my loofah and spread nicely. You will feel like you are on a tropical vacation!

My skin was so soft and smooth after use! It smells amazing. It's like a tropical vacation in my shower.

Love everything about the body scrub. The scent is wonderful and the way my skin feels sfter using the scrub is awesome.

I love the smell of this, and the shea butter stuff that I got from another box, other than Cravebox is amazing. I have yet to use this other than to test it on my hand, but I am sure that it is awesome. I love the smell of coconut and use coconut oil to moisturize every day!

I really love this stuff! The scent is amazing, and it works really well. My feet have been really rough and dry, and this scrub helped me to get them clean again. It is a great exfoliator and I would definitely continue to use it and recommend it.

This is such a great product! I love the way my skin feels afterwards, especially my feet. And the smell makes me feel like I am on vacation!

LOVED IT!!! Made my skin feel smooth and refreshed! Loved the feel and the scent! Felt like I was in the tropics and in the spa!

I swear by this stuff. My arms have never been smoother and if used prior to shaving your legs it prevents razor burn. It also smells wonderful. It is always in my shower and guest shower.

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! i use it in the shower and love the smell, so does my husband ;), it is a great exfoliator and leaves my skin sooooo soft. i would definitely buy this one.

I really enjoyed this body scrub. The smell is light and summery without being overpowering. The consistency is almost perfect. I would prefer it to be slightly thicker but I doubt that many other people would feel that way! I would not say that a little goes a long way as with some of the uber-expensive scrubs but I don't mind because it's fun to smother yourself in this stuff and for the price it's totally affordable to do so.