Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Todder Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Vanilla Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Todder Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Vanilla Flavor

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My son said it tasted like chalk and he did not want anymore. I even tried making it cold and he still did not like it. The consistency was not good

My kids liked the Vanilla flavor best! I loved that I knew it had the vitamins and nutrients they needed. It was easy to get to and great to carry on the go! Wish there was a chocolate flavor as my kids tend to be a little picky on some.

My son didn't like the taste of these. He would sip it, but then give it back to me. I tasted it and the taste wasn't bad, so I don't know why it didn't appeal to him

My 3 year like the vanilla flaovr the best. I like the nutrienst and that it is good for on the go I tried a little and to me it tasted pasty

My daughter only took a few sips of this and then wouldn't drink any more. She said it tasted funny.

This product needs to be really mixed before you use and extra cold. Even after doing this my children only drank about half. I am with some of the moms above, I am really not interested in giving my children strange drinks with artificial ingredients. I stick to real milk.

My 4-year-old liked it. She usually drinks regular 2% milk. She was not overexcited about it. Maybe if I added a bit of chocolate syrup, she would be more willing to drink it. She liked the regular flavored milk better than the vanilla. I tried them, and they tasted about the same. I love the fact that these little drinks are packed with nutrients that our little ones need.

My 3 year old loved it. He loves milk, and said that the vanilla one was like ice cream. I did have to pour it into a cup though, because he usually drinks milk from a cup and juice from a "juice box" so he was a little confused with the packaging.

My son loved this and I loved that he did! I feel good about giving him this because I know he is getting all the extra nutrients he might be missing somedays.

My 2 year old was already on Enfagrow Soy Toddler powder. I gave him one of these to see if he could drink "regular milk" and he drank it just fine. I took a sip of this myself and I thought it had a pleasant taste. I have a lot of friends whose babies are moving very soon from formula to either milk or an older baby/toddler formula and I recommended this product to them and gave out my coupons.

My 3 year old loved the vanilla, not so much on the regular. Will most likely purchase in the future.

My 3 year old son and 2 year old neice liked these drinks pretty well. The vanilla was their favorite. After researching the nutritional facts and vitamin contents etc. I think that this is definitely going to be on our grocery list permanently :)

My 3 year old enjoyed this BUT, I let him use the container that it was packaged in and he kept spilling it (until I got smart and put it in his cup!!) I think that if it came in the waterbottle typr container with the poppable top (you push down to close and pull up to drink) they would be perfect!!!!!

My child would only drink this with chocolate added in his sippy cup...he would not drink it alone, My friends child LOVED it, and wanted more,

I think the ingredients in this product are not healthy. Artificial flavor? No thanks. Lowfat milk, not a fan. Give me whole milk from an antibiotic-free and hormone-free organic healthy cow, please. I won't give this drink to my son because it's not USDA organic. Whole milk is a whole food that came from nature and contains the fats you need to absorb the vitamins. Lowfat milk won't help you! Added sugar? No thanks... I like my kid to be mellow and not extra hyped up on sugary drinks. I can definitely tell a difference in his behavior when he eats vegetables and whole grains versus sugary snacks and drinks (when he rarely gets them).