Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Todder Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Vanilla Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Todder Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Vanilla Flavor

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My child loved this! Thank goodness! He is such a picky eater. Because of the price I probably would have never tried this on my own but through the trial..............now I plan on buying these regularly. The straw was a little weird for me but after awhile it didnt seem to bother me. My son did make some mess because he's 19 months old by squeezing it or pulling the straw out but I'll deal with the mess considering all the nutrients he will be getting. I guess I could always try to dump it out into a sippy cup. I wonder if the price is so high because of the packaging. It is convenient but maybe if there was a jug option that would reach some people who just cant pay the price.

My 3 yr old son is VERY picky and I was not sure if he would like either of these flavors. To my surprise he loved them and after the first one he wanted another right away. He did not distinguish between flavors, he would take either. I love that it is ready to go and be can get one from the refrigerator if he wants it.

My three and four year old sons loved it! The four year old's words were "Anilla flavor? Reeaaaaalllllly? Mmmm there's a party in my tummy." Yep! They loved it! I actually picked up some more because it really was a hit in my house. I think their favorite part was the retractable straw that came with the milk carton. They're also small enough for me to put a couple in my purse while we're on the go. I'm going to be blogging about this also!

Loved it definitely will be buying more!

My toddler loved the vanilla drink. I will definetly be buying this as he is a very picky eater and this will help make sure he is getting nutrition.

My boys loved this stuff! Actually I have looked for it in Kroger and Publix and have not seen it and would love to know how to get my hands on it. There was literally no preference between the natural flavor and vanilla flavor which I am happy for, because I didn't want them to LOVE the vanilla flavor and no longer want regular milk. I would love to know where to buy it. I'm ready to use those coupons!

My child loved this drink. She really liked to drink it out of the container. The thing I really didn't like about this drink was the straw. I think one of those bendable straws would have been better. My toddler would push the straw into the container and than it would be stuck in there. I think one of those straws where the end bends would have prevented this.

This one my son really likes!!!!!!!!! It tastes great and has a bunch of vitamins in it plus all the calcium. Very good and he reaches for it in the fridge over juice! I think they are a little expenisve but other than that, they are great!

My toddler loved this stuff. She is quite a picky eater and having this to give her makes me feel better that atleast she is getting something good for her. It is very convenient and ready to go if we need to go. I will definitely be getting more of these.

My picky 3 year old son loved the drinks- both flavors. I felt great about giving them to him because they are so nutritious and they were very easy for me to serve and for him to handle. I loved the convenience. They are difficult to find in stores near me, but I will definitely search for them and use the coupons. I think they are a bit pricey but most foods are these days- just have to keep and eye out for sales and buy them at a good price point. To me, it's worth a little extra for the added nutrients he will get because he is becoming such a picky eater.

My 20 month old twins LOVED this! They really liked having their own drink with a straw and liked it better than regular milk. I liked how convenient they were and they smelled yummy. I'm glad they liked it because it was a good way to get them some extra nutrition since they prefer to drink milk and don't eat a lot of foods.

My 2 year old loved this flavor & though she tolerated the milk flavor the vanilla was definitely a favorite. Ill be buying this one for her.

I was quite skeptical about the Enfagrow, the twins are very picky about their drinks, snacks. They LOVED them! I was worried about all the cows milk that they were drinking, and this is a GREAT alternative for riding in the car & day trips. I snuck a sip of the Vanilla one myself. Was smooth and rich, no wonder they like it lol. I think the package is just the right size for a toddler of their age.

My 2 year old loved this! He loved both flavors and was able to carry it around without spilling it. I like that the product is shelf-stable as well. He is a super-picky eater, so this makes me feel like he is getting some of the nutrients he is missing out on. Highly recommended!

My son who is super picky loves this drink. He asks me for it and I feel good about giving it to him as he doesn't get enough nutrients from his meals. He rarely eats veggies or fruit (except an occasional banana and corn). He does drink milk. It is so convenient and easy to use and carry and store. He drinks it all down. I have tasted it and I like that it is not overly sweet and it tastes creamy. We have tried the pediasure but I think pediasure is a bit too sweet. I feel better about giving my son Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Todder Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks.