Dawn Power Clean

Dawn Power Clean

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The only dish soap I use! You do not have to use a lot to get the job done and does not dry out my hands!

I love dawn it helps my hands when i wash dishes everyday and it suds up great and cleans great

I love all dawn products because even if they cost a little extra a little bit goes a long way with this stuff

Love that I can use just a squirt of dawn in a sink of dishes and bam..done! No greasy feel on dishes..everything comes out sparkly clean. Nothing but positive things to say!

Dawn is the dish liquid I use...its great...

only dish soap i use!!! cleans dishes and fights grease!

Life wouldn't be complete with out Dawn. It is so multipurpose. from dish to grime you thought you would never get out. I t does the job and above.

Very impressed with this soap. It literally takes off any stuck on food in minutes. My mom got me on this one and it's a little more than the cheaper soaps (the ones I used) , but trust me it is totally worth every cent.

We almost always buy Dawn now since it seems to do such a great job. I really have no complaints or any negatives about this particular product at all. Put it in a pan of greasy-anything and be amazed!!!

We love Dawn dish liquid. It's a must have in every kitchen. Not only does it cut through grease like a charm and leave dishes smelling nice and squeaky clean, It goes a long way, you don't need to use a lot of it and that saves money. We have used it in our yard sprayed with water and it keeps the bugs away. A friend of mine told me she washed her dog and it killed the fleas. I have used it to get tar off my car even and it worked like a charm, also to get the stuck on dirt off my rims!! Love this product.

I'm surprised how gentle it is on my hands and cleans grease with out leaving residue.

Dawn is always a great product. Works as intended and makes washing dishes less of a hassle.

loved is good

I always like Dawn. It is one of the best dish detergent. Gentle on hands and tough on the grease. Always get the job done.

Above and beyond my expectations. True to its description plus some!