Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

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Natural Wipes that Work I got these as a giveaway winner and I loved them. They took off majority of my makeup with ease (2 wipes) although I'm not sure how effective it is on waterproof because I don't own any yet to try it out on. I always still tend to wash my face after to get anything else extra off but there was barely anything left on the towel after I was done drying.

Part of my daily routine. I use these wipes almost every day to remove makeup. They are the best!

Refreshing!! I love these facial cleansing cloths. Sometimes it's hard to get my mascara off and these will always work. The cool and clean feeling you have after washing your face with these is a plus too.

Perfect wipes for on-the-go or at home. Using these leaves my face feeling super clean and moisturized. They are soft, durable and easily remove dirt, make-up without scrubbing. Super affordable and available at most stores.

I really like these facial wipes. I use them to remove my makeup after I get off work. Then I take a shower. They do the trick of getting my makeup off and leave my face feeling clean. They aren't meant to cleanse your face entirely. I still think you should use a cleanser. But I like these wipes for removing makeup and sweat. They would be great to put in your gym bag for after a workout too.

Got a sample from Target and they work well,i use liquid liner and it takes a bit of effort to get it and my mascara off completely with these. They have no scent which is better than it smelling horrible i suppose,they are nice and thick which is a plus,and not too wet or too dry. I dislike the feeling on my face after i use them though,so i always wash my face after. Theyre ok,id reccomend them to someone who has sensitive skin or dislikes scented wipes.

They work VERY well, but they are expensive.

I love using face wipes because they are convenient and I can just take my makeup off right in my bedroom. These are gentle on my face, but it does require more than one at times to get really stubborn makeup off.

i got these as a free trial from target and i really like them they clean nicely and doesn't irritate my skin my only complaint would be that they are kind of thin im use to using the thicker ones that have the soft and exfoliating sides so i did rip these a few times until i got use to them

As I get older I notice my skin getting a little more sensitive, so these wipes are great to use to cleanse my face of makeup and residue at night...and after my zumba class, too. And they also are a super way to remove my waterproof mascara without stinging my eyes as well.

Absolutely love how refreshed my face feels after using these wipes.

I didn't like the facial wash, but i did like these wipes. super convenient. I liked that i didn't have to scrub up and wash product off my face. I used these wipes on the nights i was just too tired to take a shower. they take make-up off very well.

easy to uses and cleans my face well

very moisturizing and refreshing....

Gentile on my skin...easy to use. Four stars due to a bit expensive but really like the product.