Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

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This item is just ok, I think it's a little to pricey

LOVE this! my face is very sensitive and this works wonders. its also exfoliating and feels soft and great after

tey don't irritate my eyes love it!

LOVE These! After a long day, I whip these out and it removes any trace of makeup I had on and makes your skin feel so good afterwards!

I love these wipes. It easily takes off makeup even waterproof and it's not irritating or carries funky odors. It's refreshing and cools your face. This is pretty expensive so I'd only recommend this to people with sensitive skin. If not stick to the cheaper wipies or makeup remover.

Love these. I use it to remove my makeup. They're for sensitive skin, which is GREAT!! They don't smell strange, like some other wipes. Always looking for these on sale.

Great product. Use mine for after the gym.

Gentile on my skin...easy to use. Four stars due to a bit expensive but really like the product.

very moisturizing and refreshing....

I love these!! I purchased them after receiving a moisturizer from She Speaks and loving it. I then went out and bought a bunch more products from their line. These work extremely well and I use them every night when I first get home to remove my makeup before fixing dinner and relaxing on the couch. I will surely buy again and recommend to my friends and family!!

I never pay for this type of item because lotion gets any makeup off. It does not do bad things to your skin. Why pay for an over priced eye makeup remover when you could use lotion and moisturize at the same time?

Started using this tonight and it got my makeup off great, with just one wipe! c:

Smells amazing and works well in removing my make up. My face felt very refreshed and clean after using them.

I really like this wipes my face feels so refresh after I use them.

Great wipes. Love them never irritate my face and always take my makeup off with ease.