Lego Blocks

Lego Blocks

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My kids love Legos and so do I, they keep them entertained for hours which is awesome and we have Lego Night when we all sit at the table and build something together.

My kids play with these all the time! They lobe them and never get bored. They used the bigger junior blocks when they were under 3 years old and since then have used the regular little size logos. Makes a great gift for any child!

Who doesnt love the lego blocks, our playroom has so many of these, my boys love them so much, They never get old.

My little boy is crazy about legos, its a must to go to look for new ones every time we go to the store.

Legos the best alternative to blocks, since they don't fall over as much as wooden blocks, with so many colors and options they never get board.

Best way to keep the children busy while fostering creativity.

My son loves them but I hate cleaning the mess up or stepping on one bare foot

my kids love legos the best toy ever made

Legos are great, creative. You can use them in schools as well as home. I being a preschool teacher use them in many subjects. My children are almost teenagers and still use them to build many interesting things. My daughter build her an ipod case to use with her laptop when making videos. You can never stop building with Legos.Best Idea ever.

Awesomeness in a tiny packet. Must wear shoes when playing with them. Your feet will thank you.

I would give Legos a million stars if I could! My husband and I had them when we were children, and we buy them for our children. I love the freedom of creativity they give my kids. They are constantly building new things and I enjoy seeing how their imaginations come to life as they build these creations they see in their heads. We have bought many of the sets, but there is a Lego store about 30 minutes from our house so we also love just buying loose blocks and letting the kids get creative.

My son has always loved LEGO blocks! Sturdy and withstands the multiple plays. From forts under attack or vehicles on a rescue mission, LEGO has brought my son's imagination to life.

My son has been playing with Legos since he was a baby. Now that he is six, he has incredible fine motor skills and excels in tasks that require problem solving and creativity. I recommend that every parent ensure that their child (girls too!) have access to Legos. Legos are so much better for any child's development than watching tv or playing a video game.

My daughter loves her Legos she likes to build castles with them. They are perfect for entertaining any child! My daughter uses the larger Legos and they come in different colors with a nice bag to carry them in and store them. Legos may not be the cheapest toy out there but they are the one toy that will appeal to both boys and girls of all different ages!

My 4 year old is obsessed. It's the only activity he will do without a buddy (very rare for him!).