Crayola  Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

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my children love using sidewalk chalk on our driveway. I wish they were a little more vibrant for on our cement driveway.

my kids love this chalk, it is bright colored , dont stain clothes, and it hours of fun.

Love these!Keeps my kids busy for hours.

My kids like to use them. Great way to play outdoor and to draw something really beautiful.

I have a special needs daughter who is 14 years old. She still likes sidewalk chalk, so we have used this product for many years. It is a great way to get her outside in the warmer months and an even better way to pass the time.

Any family with kids need chalk. I didn't find Crayola's any different from the generic. Price is how I purchase chalk. Especially because my kids always forget to put it away and when it rains, the chalk get's ruined.

My daughter loves sidewalk chalk. I love how these come in a plastic bin for convenient storage.

We absolutely love this chalk! It's huge, lasts a long time, and comes in such an array of colors. My kiddos and I love it! Makes for hours of enjoyment and gorgeous sidewalk art.

I love this sidewalk chalk! Fun, bold colors, doesn't break easily. Winner!

Great way to entertain the kids. They have lots of colors to choose from, they last a good while, and they wash right off. Fun for everyone!

Great product perfect for outdoor play sucks when they get wet them

I love taking the kids out and playing with chalk, its great for creativity and easily washed off. Crayola chalk has great colors that are very vibrant.

My kids love using this chaulj on our driveway.

Chalk gives me the wheelie. Wish there was a way to use it without touching the chalk.

Tons of fun for just one child or several children at a time! Very easy to wash off the sidewalk makes it a plus.