Silk  Pure Almond Unsweetened

Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened

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I usually only drink milk in my coffee and with almond cereal for breakfast so this is a perfect fit. It is perfect with my almond cereal and doesn't make any taste changes with my coffee.

Bought this originally for my father but I enjoy it as well!

I just recently switched to Almond milk and have found Silk Almond to have great flavor. I add it to cereal and drink it by the glass. My son even enjoys it.

I normally only purchase when it's on sale or I have a good coupon. I don't drink and animal milk so always on the look for new alternative milks. While it does taste good it just doesn't taste as fresh as other brands.

I switched to almond milk sometime ago. I have tried 3 brands and have found this one to be the best. I should add that I do not drink it by the glass but in my coffee and cereal. I found that silk doesn't leave an after taste or "pulp" in my cup. I prefer the unsweetened low calorie one.

Personally, I wouldn't drink a glass of this straight up but I love it in my coffee and oatmeal! Almond milk is a great substitute.

This almond milk is a great substitute to cow's milk. It's sweet flavor makes it great on cereal and in certain baked goods. However, I cannot drink it on its own. I cannot get past the flavor of it alone. I would prefer a glass of regular milk any day. I use this milk as an alternative, as I stated before, for my family who is quite literally 1/2 lactose intolerant and 1/2 not. It's a great compromise for my family.

I like this milk because I'm allergic to soy, but I have to admit that the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze is way better (and even a little cheaper!) The texture of this milk isn't great and I think that Almond Breeze has a better taste. I would not buy this milk again.

I tried this and did not like it. I don't know why, but it just didn't taste good to me. I like the Silk Extra Vanilla soy and thought this would be good too, but not for me.

I love almond milk! I use this for shakes and my cereals. No more regular milk for me!

As a drink by itself - blech. It is watery and not very flavorful. Don't buy this to dunk your Oreos in. However, something happens when you pour this over cereal, blend in smoothies, or use for cooking makes things taste so much better! I am not sure how that it is, but it's what I've found to be true. One of the main reasons why we purchase this is the calorie count - 35 for 8oz. You can beat it! I believe it is the lowest calorie almond milk on the market.

Bland taste. Water with some sweetness. Very disappointed.

Amazingly enough, my kids love this!

I like this Almond milk to drink plain, but I can't substitute it for regular milk in coffee or cereal.

I was pleasantly surprised by this product! Not only did it taste good straight in a glass but using it to replace milk in my cereal and other foods was great! My kids love it too which makes it worth the price. I would not use this every day as it would tend to get expensive but I would definitely buy it again.