Dr. Seuss Green Eggs & Ham

Dr. Seuss Green Eggs & Ham

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Definitely a Dr Seuss classic. I love reading it to my children.

Green Eggs and Ham is still one of my most favorite childhood books!

Love it!! Read this in kindergarten and had green eggs and ham to along with it. I'll never forget that. Great experience .

Kids love these books and have a lot of different selections of stories. It doesn't get old very creative fun way of learning to read to your child

This book is so much fun! Dr. Seuss has always been a favorite of mine, and this is one of my favorite of his books!

An absolute classic. My kids will still sometimes end this with "sam I am". LOVE LOVE LOVE

My all time favorite !! I was about to write a review on the cat in the hat until I saw this one ! lol I absolutely love this book and I used to read it over and over ! I now read it to my daughter and she seems to love it just as much as I do ! :)


My awesome kindergarten teacher made green eggs and ham for us when we were reading the book. I still think about it to this day. Every child should experience this book.

This is probably my sons favorite. We love all of the Dr. Seuss books.

I will always remember this particular Seuss book as the first "real" book that my son was able to read cover to cover on his own. I read to my 4 children every night (and day) without fail. And although I will admit I didn't particularly enjoy reading Seuss out loud due to the tongue twisting, my kids ALWAYS seemed to pick them. My son loved this one so much he memorized it and in turn was able to recognize the words which of course kicked off his love of reading. I now have the pleasure of reading to my first grandson...and yes I read Seuss because I know how much kids love them!

Love this book and author! The play on words is a great way to get kids interested and "reading" in no time! Once they memorize the familiar phrase they start to identify the words... all while having fun!

My kids and I love green eggs and ham by Dr. Seuss. In fact one day I actually made green eggs and ham because the book inspired me. My kids love reading this book all the time. I enjoyed it when I was a child as well. It's a great book for kids and it will be for years to come.

I loved this book as a child. Can not wait till my baby is big enough to understand the book. I will make him green eggs and ham when he can eat it!

Dr. Seuss books bring back fond childhood memories. Now both my daughters have this book along with several others. This is one of my favorites & definitely recommend this to others with children. Such a cute little story, I know my girls love it & I enjoy reading it to them :)