Peeled Snacks Much-ado-about-mango

Peeled Snacks Much-ado-about-mango

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I happened to try "Paradise Found" which was dried pineapple, banana, and Mango. It was excellent. A little sweet but very flavorful. Sometimes I eat it by itself and sometimes I cut it up and add it to my oatmeal and pancakes. It is so tropical and adds a "burst" to your food! I will be buying it again and will try a different one. thank you!

I love dried fruit, and the thought of no added sugar sounded good, but I didn't really like this. I gave it to a friend who eats really healthy and she liked it. Her husband did not.

The mango peel snacks were so tasty and tasted fresh. My children really liked how juicy they were. Glad to have found them, will buy again

This product was hard to find. The sales guy in Whole Foods had to show me where the product was located. Two other workers from the store gave me the wrong information where the product was located. Not a lot of fruit in this package at all. I got the pineapple fruit. It was a little to sweet and dried up for my liking. I would never used my money to buy that small amount of dried up fruit for so much money. I don't like the texture at all!

I enjoyed the mango, as well. I have to say, it did not look very appetizing, but the taste was incredible!

I liked the taste but have to agree with other reviews that the price is just too high.

The taste and texture wasn't bad. It is a very poor value though. You do not get much for your money.

I didn't care for the texture or taste.

Because its a healthy snack I gave it a 3. But taste wise it was not expectional or really that good. I can make myself eat it because it a healthy snack. Good if my kids would eat it too. I feel there are other organic dry fruit snacks that are much tastier.

The snacks were really good...and what I liked the most, they weren't too sugary. Price was a little high for such a small pack but still enjoyed them.

My family tried the mango one. I liked that it really tasted like straight mango and did not have any sugary aftertaste. It's the next best thing to fresh, for sure! My 3.5 year old even liked it. The only thing that would stop me from purchasing them in the future is the lack of value for the price. The only kind that seemed reasonable for size vs. price was the apple/raisin/cherry combo which was I think 6oz.? Honestly, the mango was quite pricey for only 2.5 oz(-ish, I don't have it in front of me here) -- barely 3 servings of product. I selected that one because of the 'free' SheSpeaks coupon and it was a kind we don't often see in stores.

they were okay, a little flavorless and dry

i wasnt too sure about this but my little one liked it so if i come across them i may buy them again

OK Taste, but fresh is better. Also price is way out of my budget for a small snack size treat. I could not buy it without the coupon for free.

I didn't like these - very little fruit taste, and very expensive.