Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance Conditioner

Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance Conditioner

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I really liked the conditioner by Pantene. I've used a lot of different conditioners before and they have all been fair at keeping my hair frizz-free, but this one actually was much better. My hair gets really frizzy in the humidity and can get pretty dry easily. However I felt that after using this conditioner a few times, my hair was actually behaving and not trying to escape like it usually does. It also left my hair soft and smooth, which is really hard to do with my hair. I also love the fact that its made from natural products and that the bottle itself is very eco-friendly. All in all, an A+ product that I would use again an recommend to all my friends.

like it a lot, and that is has natural ingridients and bottle is may of recycle material is a great plus for this product

Pantene Fusion is the absolute best ive ever tried I also went and purchased the shampoo and conditioner for my 4 children and myself.

I love that it's a natural product in many different ways including the bottle. However, the conditioner doesn't condition enough to my liking. I always run a brush through my hair after I wash it. I know that's probably not good for my hair; but I don't think it would be as harmful if my brush would go easily through my hair. I have noticed when I've used other natural conditioners that I have this same problem. So, I assume that "natural" conditioners just don't condition enough. To me it wasn't as "moisturizing" as claimed

Love the smell of this shampoo and conditioner! Was able to skip a day of washing (I normally wash my hair everyday) using shampoo and conditioner. I also liked that the packaging was recyclable.

Like the shampoo, it smells divine! The shampoo left my hair feeling stripped, but the conditioner cured that without leaving it feeling weighed down (and I do have fine, greasy, straight hair). But, my hair has a lifeless, dull look to it (and my hair is healthy). I found that I had to be really really careful squeezing the bottle (this was true of the shampoo, too), to only get a little out. It simply comes out TOO fast otherwise and I did waste a bunch that way. A pump bottle would cure that. On the "future friendliness" and "naturalness" of the product, I was not really impressed for several reasons that I spoke of in-depth in my review of the shampoo. Basically, it has a lot of chemicals in it for a "natural" product, ahem. And I question the sustainability of the packaging and lament the constant need for a new package every time I buy shampoo. I'd love it if a manufacturer would come up with something reusable with biodegradable refill packaging.

I really liked Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance shampoo and conditioner. My hair felt cleaner, smoother, healthier and stronger and has an amazing smell. I felt that I had less split ends using this shampoo. I didn't really notice my hair being shiner but overall I really liked it and would recommend it to others. I like that the bottle was recyclable, however, the product itself doesn't seem very "green" to me. Therefore, the actual product name is a little deceiving if you ask me.

I loved this product. It left my hair feeling clean and moisturized. Not dull and coarse. I would recommend this product for sure. It has a nice clean scent to it and it is a product that I would buy!

Leaves your hair feeling soft and moisturized. Didnt leave my hair feeling stripped like some other products.

Smells good. My hair feels soft and silky. LO V E I T!!

I did not like the Pantene Conditioner. It weighed my hair down and was really a greasey feeling by the end of the day, which is not normal for me. I did like the shampoo though.

This product added shine to my hair as well as helping work out the tangles I normally have post wash.

The conditioner helped detangle my naturally wavy hair. Without a good conditioner, it can be really difficult to comb through my hair. This did the job. And, I like the smell of the product. It's a great everyday conditioner, although there are times I need more deep-conditioning such as after coloring my hair.

The package was great but I don't know if the quality is above average. It smells good and the ingredients sound refreshing. It does leave my hair soft.

This product had a clean smell to it. Did a great job of cleaning my hair. I liked that it used some natural ingredients. I would have preferred it to be a little creamier and moisturizing.