Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

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This leaves my face feeling very fresh and clean, and not irritated or stinging. It has micro-beads that do not hurt like some others do, and it has a very light, non greasy feel. It is definitely gentle enough to use daily. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars was because of the weird smell. After using for a few weeks, I don't notice it anymore really, b ut at first it was a big turn off. I guess that is the trade off for having an all natural cleanser.

Just tried this product and I loved it. It made my skin feel smooth and really refreshed. I will keep using this.

i heard this product was good but have not tried it yet and would like to soon. Usually I buy the St. Ives facial scrub..

I have used a lot of scrubs, so this could just be preference, but I thought the granules were a bit abrasive. I tend to like micro granules or a finer scrub and this one reminded me of the apricot scrubs that have the larger granules with a sharper edge. I have heard from people who have done my facials that, while these harsher scrubs seem to get the job done and leave you feeling very clean, they cause tiny tears in your skin that aren't very good for the the long run. The other thing I didn't like was the smell. It doesn't smell natural to me, but instead almost synthetic or chemical, although it is not all that overpowering that I just can't use it. I received a bottle to review so it is the kind of product that I used for a while to get a feel for it, but it is now my "back up" scrub or face wash in case I run out or my husband runs out of his apricot scrub that he likes. So all in all, I would say that it is okay, but not great.

I loved this Simple smoothing facial scrub because it didn't irritate my skin, felt very natural, and does a good job of sloughing away the dead skin on my face. Definitely a must for anyone with sensitive skin looking for a great facial scrub - it is now a weekly staple in my face care routine.

I love how the exfoliation makes me feel like its scrubbing away all the dead skin to bring in brightness of fresh clean skin. I also love the natural scent. No harsh chemical or perfumes smells. THat is refreshing. I love it.

I received a sample of this product and I really liked it! I have very sensitive skin, it was gentle and my skin felt clean and soft. I loved the mild fresh scent too!

I use a scrub every day in the shower to have a fresh scrubbed face. I usually have dry skin & this product is great. It not only leaves my face with a fresh, clean feeling but it doesn't dry it out either. Wonderful product, that I would recommend to anyone.

Not a bad scrub but I can't stand the smell. Smells like plastic. Other than the smell though i loved it.

I got this as a free sample from CVS website. This is a good cleanser. It is not a soapy cleanser it is a gel cleanser and a little goes a long way. you do need something else to remove your mascara or eyeliner, but for the rest of your face it is great! My face is left very fresh feeling. There is no stong scent wither which is a plus in my book.

Very first facial scrub ever that has not made my skin even more dry and irritated. I suffer from extremely sensititve skin and am so very glad to have tried Simple, it's the first cosmetic that I can use every day if I want to without any problems. Awesome.

I was happy with this product. I like scrubs and this one made my skin feel soft and smooth. I too thought the grain was a bit bigger than I like but it didn't bother me. As long as it keeps making my skin feel good then I will keep using it. I enjoyed testing this product.

i am completely satisfied with the facial scrub. It left me feeling very clean and not dried out and best of all it didnt break me out. i will continue to use this product, thank you

I liked the texture and exfoliating qualities of the scrub. It left my skin feeling smooth and not too dried out. My only complaint is that it has mineral oil and parabens that are often bad for skin.

I really want this!