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Staff was helpful kinda over priced easy to find stuff

I recently when into this store, it was over price.

I find the customer service to be lacking, items are overpriced for the quality. I usually only shop in store during the holidays but I do visit the store often to see if they have any reasonable sales.

I like the store, cute clothes and helpful staff, the problem is the prices are way overboard, i don't go there unless i have a good discount coupon or if they have good discount offers.

Love Kohls - great deals!

I used to love shopping at Kohl's, but like everywhere else they too are raising the prices and lowering the quality. I only now buy when it is on clearance at an 80% off sale or with a good coupon. I haven't been finding a lot that I want or at good prices.

Often don't find what I'm looking for.

I usually download several free ebooks for my Kindle almost everyday. I usually find books that I want to read, but did not want to spend a lot of money buying them in either paperback or hard cover (unless it is for an author's book signing).

Kohls makes it easy and rewarding to spend a lot of money in one trip and leave planning your next visit. Amazing selection, great prices and sales/coupons/perks, I can always find something I love. Kohls--supporting my entire wardrobe since 2004.

I love when they have sales, Khols can get me into trouble with there products and prices these days. Not only do they have a great selection of clothing, shoes and apparel, but amazing selection in there home decor.

Kohls is one of my favorite stores both for in store and online shopping. I love their sales and how much I can save on the things our family needs.

I only shop here, if I have a good coupon ($10 off anything). I always have a hard time finding something. I find the ladies department VERY confusing! Where am I? I just want to find something cute!

Not one of my favorite stores. I tend to have a difficult time finding something to buy when I have a coupon or percentage off. Every once in a while I can find good deals there though.

I love this store . They have so many selections not just for women but for men and kids also. They always have things in stock in all the sizes which is wonderful ! I highly recommend shopping here .

Great store for shopping if you have a coupon, catch sales, or clearance. I love their women's and homegoods depts