Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Sandwich Cookies

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My all time favorite cookie These are the cookies you hide from your kids....lol. I share a few then hide these precious oreo cookies for myself. Perfect balance of cookie and cream

Best Cookie Nothing beats a classic oreo with a glass of milk and of course you can't eat just one, they are truly delicious!

The best 2 in 1 cookie Oreos are like having two cookies in one because you can eat half with the cream and then have the other half as a regular cookie without cream. The taste is so nostalgic most consumers have eaten Oreos since they were kids. There's so many things you can do with these amazing cookies. And they have so many different flavors. I will always recommend Oreos.

Yummy Absolutely love Oreos and they are the best for dipping in a glass of milk!

The best Oreos, one of the only cookies I'll buy in a store, double stuff and lemon are my favorites.

I love Oreos. They are the perfect snack when you just need something sweet. I really like the mint Oreos as well. A few years ago they had some Marshmallow Crispy oreos which may have been limited edition because I haven't seen them in years but they were soooooo good!

in my family youre the black sheep if you DONT have a pack of Oreos on hand at ALL times. we might differ on how much stuffing an Oreo needs, but in the end, nothing beats a couple Oreos and a cold glass of milk to dip them in!

Delicious and Dunkable My kids love these cookies My son will eat the whole thing but my daughter will eat the cream and stick the cookie back in the pack (so silly). Our whole family loves them but brush your teeth when your done or you'll look like you have tooth decay LOL, just kidding! Great taste and something for the whole family to enjoy. The packaging is a classic and you know what's in it if you see a glimpse of one.

so good I love cookies and cream, so Oreo cookies are great for adding to milkshakes or the best thing ever- truffle balls. Oreos, cream cheese, and dipped in chocolate!

Awesome cookie Family favorite for sure! Love them with extra stuffing and the new fudge and peanut butter flavors.

I have loved Oreos since I was a child! Now that I am grown i still like snacking on them and love how they are accidentally vegan!

Classic How could you not love these? They always bring me back to being a kid and eating them. They will forever be my favorite cookie I usually have one container at my house constantly. The flavors are just perfect of chocolate and cream filling. They are the go to snack for me for most of my life.

Can't be beat If you have never had the pleasure of enjoying an Oreo, then you are missing out. Two Chocolate cookies with a creme filling in the middle is downright heavenly. For an added treat, dip your Oreo in milk and enjoy the goodness!

Best. Snack. Ever. One of the best snacks. My fiancé and I love them, especially when they?re fried!

too good these are addicting bc they are so good an easy to eat