Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Sandwich Cookies

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Oreo's are one of those things that make you remember your childhood and smile. As an adult I don't get enjoy them plain with a glass of milk as often (as they don't last long in my house) but I do love making treats with them. Oreo Truffles are one of my favorite recipes. Especially around the holidays!

Still a favorite from childhood.

All time favorite since childhood. Enjoy alone or with ice cream.

I am a MILK lover and there are very few things that I enjoy with my tall glass of icy milk...one of those snacks thta I can enjoy all the time are my oreos... I can dunk those for daysss... love the creamy center and the crunchiness... wouldn't change these for the world :^)

I'm literally addicted! I eat Oreo's almost every other day. They are soo good, especially when mixed in with vanilla ice cream :)

The best cookie of all time.

I'm not big on chocolate but I actually liked the taste of these! then again...they are Oreo' s.. milks favorite cookie!:) yum!

These are one of my favorite cookies. I love the bitter sweet of the cookie and then the sweetness of the filling make a perfect match. You can eat them alone, put them in milk, make a pie crust out of them...they are just great.

Who doesn't like oreo's - always have been my family favorite cookies

Can't go wrong with oreos!

My brother is deployed in Afghanistan and eating the MREs. When he called home, all he and his platoon wanted were Oreos!!!!! Sent twelve different varieties, and they had an Oreo party! Nothing compares to an Oreo cookie!

Delicous! best snack ever!

bce / best cookie ever lovem

Good center in Oreos and I like to make a dessert with them crushed with pudding.

dunk in milk and you've got yourself a delicious treat. also great for making oreo cheesecake! yummy!