BiC for Her Retractable Ball Pens

BiC for Her Retractable Ball Pens

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Very cute and fun - easy to hold and the colors are great!

I like the look of these pens, and I like how they glide easily over the paper when you write with them.

I love everything about these pens! The ink colors are great and I love the way they write. I know my sister would also love these.

Super cute, I like the way they write. I am always looking for a pen and now I know these are mine. They will be easy to tell if someone took my pen,lol. I like the colors and gripe.

Love, love, love these pens. I am always looking for a pen that is comfortable but stylish and this one works!

Love they way that they write and they are so pretty!

these are looking good and good for gift giving,and they are smooth

I have a pen fetish and these did not disappoint. They were pretty to look at and in true Bic style did not disappoint. The ink was smooth and did not skip. I better brand these otherwise they will turn up missing!

These pens are comfortable to hold, glide across the paper and coming in pretty colors.

These pens are pretty and write very well. I like the grip and both the colors, so cute!

I will have to hide these pens if I want to keep them. We love pretty pens around here especially if they are comfortable and write so smoothly!

I really love the comfort grip which makes this pen easier to hold for longer periods of time. They are solid, dependable, and pretty. If only I could stop my daughter from stealing them :)