Torani Pumpkin Pie Syrup

Torani Pumpkin Pie Syrup

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The flavor is light, not too strong and not too sweet. It tastes good drizzled over vanilla ice cream! It's nice that you only need to use a very little and can use it in just about anything.

I'm a Torani fan with caramel and hazelnut flavors as my favorites. The good news with reviewing this was the samples they sent were huge bottles. I thought they would be a couple hotel sized samplers but that's not the case. These are huge bottles that will last for quite some time, even for someone that drinks a lot of coffee. That said, I wish there was choice in what flavors we receive. I tried the Pumpkin Pie syrup and that's a flavor I generally like to smell, but not eat or drink. I only eat the actual pie, not things that are like it. I wanted to like this syrup, but I didn't. It's nothing against Torani, it's me. I just don't like that kind of flavor. I tried whip cream with it as well and I still didn't like it. But if you like this kind of flavor, you will love it. It really tastes and smells like pumpkin pie.

Not a fan of pumpkin or cinnamon flavored syrups but I know I can find many different uses for it if I get creative. I've made a copy cat Pumpkin Latte for a fraction of the price of the same thing at Starbucks but I've got a couple recipe ideas tucked away in my brain to try later this week!

Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this product very much. I found that it had a very strong "sugar free" background flavor which was most unappealing. I think that regular Torani Pumpkin Pie syrup would be much better. While this syrup seemed to have a good pumpkin taste the flavor was so muddled with artificial sweetener that it's hard to say.

I had some friends over to try this in coffee and other items to compare with the vanilla. It did not have a real pumpkin pie taste and all it did was sweeten the coffee. If did however taste good in a smoothie with pumpkin ice cream.

I recieved this in my sample pack to try... It is DISGUSTING. My coffee tasted like it had raw pumpkin in it. Maybe I am used the the Pumpkin Spice version that Startbucks has. This product didn't have a "spice" flavor to compliment the pumpkin. I will definitely not use this product again.

Not at all impressed, no matter how little I put in it is always too sickening-syrupy sweet, and the flavor is over powered and diminished by the sickening sweet.