M&Ms Milk Chocolate

M&Ms Milk Chocolate

              Rated #10 in Snacks & Candy
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One of my most favorite candies. My family LOVES my m&m cookies that I bake for them. And they also make great cake decorations too.

yummy! melts in your mouth, not in your hand

These r seriously one of my favorite candys they just melt in your mouth with all the chocolaty goodness MMM!!!

So delicious, one of my favorite snacks. can be incorporated into cookies, cakes an other snacks

These are like little bundles of joy. Nice milk chocolate. Can be eaten by themselves or incorporated in various desserts/snacks.

Everyone in my house loves M&Ms. I can never go wqrong when I bring them home!

In my top 2 favs

great value for an on the go product.

i love M&M's not just because my initials are MM. I love them, great to snack on, i love the mini m&m's better.

Yum! I like the candy shell for that extra crunch.

Very good in cookies! (;

Yum.....who can so no to M&M's. Love it....Awesome. Nice treat.

Great snack for when I feel depressed or sad. Lol. They go amazing in cookies and brownies

hmm i dont go crazy over them. i think i dont like the coating, it has no specific taste

M&M's always make you feel better! A great snack.