Maybelline  Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm

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I love this ! I always seem to grab for this instead of my other lip balms ! I always repurchase this when I'm running low.

I'm not sure if I love this product as a product, or for its packaging. The tints are cute, the colorful packaging cheers me up, and the chunky block letters make me feel like a teenager again. The balm isn't very special. It has a slight smell to it and has a consistency somewhat like hardened Vaseline.

When these first came out I went out and bought a few. I was not disappointed. They're super moisturizing, and the flavors and color pay off.

I love how this makes my lips feel so soft and glossy.

The baby lips was ok for me. I didnt like it to much because it made my lips dry and start peeling fast. The color was great but it just wasn't for me. I find myself buying these however for my youngest sister she loves them. I only bought it because of the big talk through friends family and ads.


This is always a staple in my purse. I love how moisturized it makes my lips, and you don't have to use it every five minutes to keep your lips moist.

didnt like this too much.....I dont know what all of the craze is about?

This product is just adorably cute. I've tried every single one of them and just can't help patronizing it. It gave a velvety and sweet effect on my lips. I never experience chapped lips anymore ever since I used Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm. I highly recommend this to teens and all the ladies out there. Thumbs up to its quality and affordability.

Love this product. It is my new go to lip balm. I am also very excited about the clear spf infused version with winter coming.

By far my favorite lip balm! It's a must have everywhere I go. I live in a very hot climate during the summer and a very dry winter. This product saved my lips multiple times!

Love this Chapstick and the colors they have are great. The only thing I do not like is they are a little overpriced

the colors are decent but being allergic to the chemical based spf they included in their ingrediants they ended up not being moisturizing at all, instead my lips dried out and cracked , hurt so bad. i wish i could have liked these as the red one was my favorite.

Cute packaging, a hint of color, lots of moisture and shine. I layer with chapstick for health properties.

My pre teen daughter loves this. Just enough color to satisfy her and not too much to make me think she is trying to grow up too fast. Smells great!