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  • craftymama3 craftymama3

    One of my absolute favorite chap sticks! Very hydrating, and gives your lips a soft feeling like no other chap stick I've tried. Love the different scents and tints. Would definitely recommend this product to others.

  • missmoniques81 missmoniques81

    Definitely not in love with these. I just couldn't get past the horrible colors. I have a medium skin tone and the few that I tried made me look like I was going to an 80's party.

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  • agzilla By  agzilla    

    Not for my super dry lips

    I find Baby Lips to be extremely overrated. I've heard several friends and co-workers gushing about how great it is, but I assume they don't have chronic dry lips like myself. Baby Lips didn't soothe my lips but made them dryer instead. I'd much rather stick with good ol' Chap Stic.


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