CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner

CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner

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Love love LOVE THIS. It goes on very even and smooth and doesn't crumble like some other eyeliner pencils. I've always been a fan of Cover Girl products so I was really pleased to try this out and not disappointed at all!

I loved the smooth way the Perfect point Covergirl eyeliner glided on.It was easy to use and the color is great! I was very happy that it did not need to be sharpened.I will definitely buy this eyeliner in several colors :)

I love the Perfect Point Plus! It is self sharpening, my old eye liner is not and it really is a pain to sharpen your eyeliner. Who knew!? Goes on smooth and mine came in the color Espresso :)

I love this eyeliner. its self sharpening, and is really smooth, it is also water resistant

Soft and gentle on the delecate skin around my eyes! Easy to apply and love the eraser tip just in case you make a mistake when applying!

very easy to use and very easy to apply. I like that I don't have to sharpen it

Easy to apply and great color. I'm an eyeliner dummy but I can use this one with total ease. It goes on pretty smoothly, which is great when you're a novice at applying!

I liked the eyeliner, however, I was not impressed with the color. Maybe if I would've gotten a black sample, it would be a better experience.

loved the CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner i really needed a new eyeliner with all the partys im going to. It was easy to use and lasted all day the day of sis shower great buy. I love covergirl great products.

This eyeliner is amazing it is the only one that really shows up on my eyes and it makes my eyes pop when i wear it thank you for letting me try it out and it goes on smooth and nice.. Which is a hard thing on my eyes they seem to not want to help...

I like the fact that the eyeliner doesn't smear easily! It stayed defined the entire day. It went on smoothly and stayed! It's a keeper!

uummm.. this was okay I really love the eyeliner I just wasn't loving the color.. if I had to try this in black I would be totally in love with it and guard it but since I had brown I am going to say it was just okay

I normally only use higher quality makeup products - and this is why - The liner went on okay, not with the 'precision' I would have hoped for though. It also smudged easily and was not long lasting.

The tip helps create a fine and even line, I like this eyeliner,it is easy to use and no sharpening which is great !!! I love the espresso color too, I wouldn't have purchased this without trying it first so I am thankful for the opportunity to test it from she speaks and P&G, I at first thought the espresso was going to be too dark for me but its actually perfect and better than my typical brown.

I really liked this. It's easy to use and it stays sharp.