Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

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If you have an oily skin base, I would not recommend this for you. But if you need something a little more moisturizing that gives a dewy complexion to the skin, this might be a good foundation for you! I'm personally on the fence about this. Its a definite full coverage foundation so I would not want to use this too often.

Just so-so I received a small free sample of this and ended up purchasing the larger bottle. At first I enjoyed it but I started noticing that it really didn't last very long on my face. The coverage really only looked good for a few hours. I like that it provides a nice matte finish but I just need it to last longer!

This product has its ups and downs about it. This foundation has a lot of colors to choose from. You'll most definitely find your color , but to be honest it's just not so much for people with dry skin , or maybe just me. I mix this foundation with another to get the perfect coverage. But alone , it just makes my skin dry and not a flawless finish.

Not so great The quality of the foundation was iffy. I personally didnt love it. As far as coverage it wasnt very good. It showed all acne and dark spots. But it does stay on all day. I would recommend for someone with more flawless skin.

Good foundation but it did make my skin very oily

I didn't care for this I didn't care for this foundation although the colors are great. I have oily combination skin and I do realize that this foundations formula is to give that healthy glow. I liked the fact that it was water based and would be better for breakouts or oily skin. For me this foundation did not last and seemed to slip off of my skin. It wasn't for me. I even set it with a translucent powder. I cannot recommend for oilier skin.

If you have sensitive skin dont buy this item. The coverage is ok but the next day my face would always break out. Its hard to find a good foundation that will not hurt your skin.

Felt slightly greasy and I didn't like the coverage as well as other brands.

i dont really like it for my skin tone just because it has a powdery shadow which I dont like. its very thick and if your not to careful it can be cakey. i dont like the range of colors. but it can make your skin oily after awhile. i had the shade 330 toffee caramel

I used this foundation only when its really cold, because it leaves a oily texture.

If you have oily skin its a no. i have oily skin and it make it even more oily then before.

This foundation did nothing for me, it didn't last very long and I didn't see anything special about it. it is sitting in my unused make up box, I tried it out for a while but gave up on it. It got a lot of good reviews so it's more likely it just didn't work with my skin. It's not for me.

I don't get the hype This product is very overrated, I had awful experiences with it. On several occasions I tried this product out because it is so raved about but it just doesn't work for me. It oxidizes like crazy and makes your skin look pink.I would not recommend this to others or repurchase it.

This foundation received a lot of hype and i was sadly disappointed. I found that the product was blotchy andjust didn't blend into my skin. It was very obvious that I had foundation on and it almost seemed to bubble on my skin. This product was a purchase I regret making.

I do not like this foundation! No offense to all of you who like it. Maybe it is because i have oily skin. but recently when i tried this it broke me out severely. It is really runny and very oily looking. I think this is more of a product for someone who has dry skin. But for me it was a no go! The good thing is that it is cheap so it wasn't a huge loss!