Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

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I really love these wipes, they smell great and they do the job My baby has sensitive skin and these never irritated her the way the cheaper wipes did in the past. These by far are the best wipes that I have ever used.

Never try again

Almost finished with a pack of Pampers Sensitive Wipes we received as a baby shower present. I have to say that I have been more than impressed. They have been truly wonderful on my baby's sensitive skin. We love the way they smell, and the wipe itself is super soft!

My kids have sensitive skin and these are great.

These wipes do the job just right! They don't fall apart or leave residue on skin. I usually only have to use 1 to clean baby. They do seem to get excessively moist when you get to the bottom of the bag but I find that with all wipes.

My son has very sensitive skin and these wipes work great for us! They don't leave behind any soapy residue and I don't need to use a whole bunch to get the job done. The only negative for me is they are at times hard to separate from one another if you are on the go and not using the dispenser.

These are very good quality wipes. They do not fall apart easily and are so much better to use on newborns and children with extra-sensitive skin. I highly recommend these wipes to anyone with children.

Great product. I like Pampers diapers too.

I really like these for my baby, they are soft and gentle and aren't rough like other wipes. They really are my favorite wipes!

I got a ton of these at my baby shower. Neither of my children ever had sensitive skin so I don't know that they work any better than any other kind of wipe on sensitive skin. However, they do get my baby clean quickly.

very moisty I lke them

Pampers is always a brand you can trust.

Both my grandchildren have sensitive skin and break out in rashes with the scented ones. Not one rash for either of them since we started using these wipes.

I personally dont like Pampers wipes as much as i like the pampers. They are too thin for me. The one thing i do like is that you feel like you get a lot of wipes for your money... but does it really matter when you have to use so many at one time to make sure that your finger dont rip throught?

most amazing wipes for my newborn!