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  • Angelw1ngs By  Angelw1ngs    

    I love these! I feel less guilty eating these ice cream sandwiches.

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  • MissB22 By  MissB22    

    Im hooked on these. They are low in calories, tasty, and I can get them in a half chocolate and have vanilla pack. My husband will even eat them and he doesnt like anything diet.

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  • kairick By  kairick    

    This is one skinny heifer that says Moo! Delicious.

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  • valerie2178 By  valerie2178    

    Love Skinny Cow. I buy often...being on weight watchers they are only 4 points!! And good price too!!

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  • tferero By  tferero    

    I really like all the skinny cow products - ice cream indulgence with a little less guilt. These ice cream sandwiches are one of my favorites; I have been eating ice cream sandwiches since I was a child, and so it brings back warm memories for me... I think they test very good overall, although I find the ice cream to be a bit less rich than I would otherwise like. But, for saving some calories, I think they are great and I buy these often.

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  • Badgerfanz By  Badgerfanz    

    These rock, I have to hide them in the freezer from me!

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  • MissWestVirginia By  MissWestVirginia    

    Skinny Cows ROCK. I did Weight Watchers points in 2002 and would save 2 points at the end of every day just for a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich. I tried to WW (Smart Ones) brand, but the ice cream was so hard...I had to wait a bit for it to soften. Plus, the WW brand was more expensive. LOVE the Skinny Cows!

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  • lvknisley By  lvknisley    

    I am hooked on these ice cream sandwiches! For the longest time I enjoyed the weight watcher's variety of ice cream sandwiches but they are very expensive. So I tried the Skinny Cow brand and it is cheaper and you get more in the package. They are very satisfying and low fat/calorie.

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