RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

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I like the results but dislike the tingling upon application. I purchased a tube for my mother and she thinks it's made a difference for her. This is a quality product available in neighborhood drugstores and I would recommend it.

I have used this for a couple of weeks and haven't really noticed any difference. It made my face a bit red and sensitive - but overall - I think itwill take longer time to see...

I have been using Roc for a couple of weeks now. It has made my skin much smoother. Although my lines are still there they are much less noticeable. It was rough on skin at first with redness and stinging, but has improved with time. I am not really good about rembering to put the creme on, I have been able to put it on every other day and still the above improvement. A good product!

I used this product for a couple of weeks. Within the first week I noticed some light wrikles around my eyes fade. Using the product has made my skin softer, smoother, and clearer. I focused primarily on my facial areas and am pleased with the results. Light fading of my wrinkles is much appreciated!! I will purchase the product to continue using and also focus on the area of my jowls where I could use some help in regaining some skin elasticity.

I have enjoyed testing this product and have noticed a slight improvement in the lines on my face. I probably would see more of a result if I remembered to apply it every night.

After using this for eight weeks, my skin is softer. It did cause several break-outs in different places on my face, which itched like crazy. I had to go to my dermatologist for a steriod cream to clear them up. I did not notice any rea limprovements in my wrinkles, just a softer skin area around them. The fragrance was not too appealing, it smelled bad to me.Maybe the formula? If they could make it smell better it would be great.: Overall, the packaging and tube were nice looking, but the cream was not compatible with my face.

My skin is softer and I have noticed a difference in the wrinkles near my mouth. Love it!

I have used this product every night since receiving it. I do feel like my wrinkles are not as visible as before. In the beginning I had a redness but that has stopped. It goes on smoothly and feels good. I would definitely buy this nighttime product again.

I have always been remarkably bad at my night beauty routine. I'm usually too tired to do anything but brush my teeth and end up going to bed with whatever makeup is left on my face. No beauty treatments here! However, since I got The ROC night cream, I have been making an effort and have been applying it about 60% of the time. I'm only mentioning this to emphasize what other reviewers are saying, that this is a powerful and effective product. So, with only "sporadic" usage, I have been told that my complexion is remarkably smoother, firmer, younger looking and clearer. I have hyperpigmentation that usually becomes quite noticeable in summer but that has not appeared this year. As far as wrinkles go, this is hard for me to measure. Though I will be 48 next month, I am not particularly victim to wrinkles (lost of elasticity is more my problem), but I believe that their appearance is diminished and reflected as part of the new "glow" that I am not wearing.

I have been using the product and have had good results. The red and itchy has gone away and I really see that my wrinkles around my eyes are looking better. They are really deep and have not gone away completely. I do have some breakouts that I wonder if they are related to the ROC because I did not have them prior to using, but a small price to pay for less wrinkles.

I have used ROC daily for a few weeks now. I presently don't have problems with wrinkles or fine lines but I definitely liked the way it makes my skin feel. I am not sure if I will purchase the product in the future due to the price..

I have enjoyed testing the product. I saw a small difference but liked the moisturizing affect on my face. It made the skin soft and and in some ways younger due to the moisturizing affects. I can not say that I saw major differences in wrinkles but did like the change in the texture of my face. I would recommend it to a friend but I hesitate to buy it regularly due to the price. The price is justified if it has a positive affect on wrinkles.

I loved it! I didnt have any skin irritation from the product. It felt like a deep moisturizer to my face, making it glow and look healthier. It seemed to make my fine lines around my eyes and mouth look less noticeable, I have a week and a half left on the challenge and would buy it in the store, when I run out. I have told a few friends and some family member's how great this work's at dimishing fine lines and keeping my face soft and smooth, love it, thanks for accepting me!!

I have been using this product every night for 8 weeks, I wash my face, put on Roc, then moisturize. Roc goes on smooth and never leaves my skin feeling sticky or tacky like some creams. I am 48 and so far only have wrinkles around my eyes (crows feet). But I have noticed that my skin is loosing some of it's doesn't snap back like it used to. And I've noticed just in the last year a bit of sag around the chin (jowls) area. Since I have been using Roc I have noticed my skin looking a feeling firmer - almost thicker for lack of a better word. My jowls are not hanging low anymore, they have tightened up and I am extremely happy with that! My skin is softer and more radiant. I haven't noticed any big changes with my crows feet, but I haven't gotten any new wrinkles either, so that's good. I'm happy with my results.

The frown line on my forehead has softened and my skin is much smoother. I have not had any issues with my skin due to using the ROC. It works as well as some higher priced products. I would definitely recommend ROC!