Hormel Compleats Kids Macaroni & Beef

Hormel Compleats Kids Macaroni & Beef

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My daughter was not a fan of this. She ate the three bites that I forced her to eat. She said it tasted weird.

My son liked this one. Just seems a lil reminiscent of another popular brand. Think he likes that better.

Not fans of this one.

My son tried a bite and wouldn't eat any more than what he had to.

Hearty flavor. Tasty.

My child said yuck to this one too.

she said it tasted wierd and wouldnt touch it

My picky eaters did not like this meal. I had hopes being they like Macaroni and Cheese, as well as Spaghetti, so the shapes and flavors should be familiar. The four year old ate a one bite and wouldn't try anymore. The 8 year old didn't like it, but ate it because he was hungry. I like the convenience factor, but not if the kids don't like it.

My 4 year old liked this flavor. I love that it cooks in 45 seconds for busy nights between sports practices. My 11 year old son didn't like any of them and my husband said they were kind of bland, but if it wins over the 4 year old and fills her up and is this easy I'm happy. I did serve a micro-steam vegetable and whole grain bread because I didn't think the portion size was enough for a meal by itself.

Kids liked it!

My son said it was okay. The heating of the meal was a breeze, and i love that i could keep them handy for on the go, or when you show up to a friends house and doesnt have kid friendly food. I tasted it and it wasnt for me. I would purchase again if they were on sale and i had a coupon.

My picky kids did not like this meal. The three year old ate a few bites but, we ended up tossing the rest. I liked the convenience factor but, that's not really worth it if the kids don't actually eat them.

My daughter would not even try this.

My daughter LOVED the sweet taste to the sauce. She ate every last bite, which is a challenge for her at 6 years old (and she eats like a bird)...

My daughter enjoyed fixing this herself for an afternoon snack.... she ate every bit :) wasn't large enough portion for a meal but was perfect for after school.