Hormel Compleats Kids Beef Ravioli

Hormel Compleats Kids Beef Ravioli

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Love the ease of this product. Loved the little dish that it came it. My kiddos are picky eaters...and ate them right up!

I am a football mom so we are the go in the fall. It is a fast meal for us that what we liked the most about it.

This was easy and convenient. The kids liked it but didn't love it.

My oldest daughter is a total ravioli lover. So this was perfect for her to try out and she really liked them alot. And she could even make them herself which she really liked.

My children loved these out of all of them. I even tasted them and they were good.

my son loves it. But yea not enough in it he had to eat another one to get satisfied.

My 4yr old liked the ravioli. Wish I could find them in my local grocery store because of all the flavors we tried this one I would buy again.

The ravioli is SO convenient and my 5 year old liked the taste but the serving size was not enough for him and ended up eating 2 of them.

I love the convenience and didn't mind the taste, but neither the 2 yr old nor the 8 yr old liked them it very well. Would love to see different flavors!

My son LOVES these meals for kids and adults! They are quick and easy to make. You just microwave them. However, they are a little on the expensive side when comparing to the Beans and Rice, and Beef Stew meals.

My son didn't care for these. I thought it would be a convenient meal for him, but the sauce was very sweet and there was a layer of grease at the bottom. I couldn't get him to eat them at all. The concept is fantastic, but the execution could use some refining.

The concept of these quick meals for kids is great. My child is a picky eater, so none of these flavors were to her liking. Hopefully there will be new flavors in the future...without hamburger in them :)

My son didn't like this more than the spaghetti

They said this one was ok, just like regular ravioli, but my 7&8 year olds would need a bigger serving size.

Kids said that it tastes like cardboard..no real taste.