Johnsonville Mild Italian Sausage

Johnsonville Mild Italian Sausage

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this product is so delicious

This brand is great. There are so many different things you can make with it!

We buy this al the time .Love the flavor of it and it goes with so many meals

Johnsonville Mild Italian Sausage isn't to bad for a commercial brand . I usually get my Italian sausage from a Italian grocery store. My Grandparents came from Italy to the states with the owners of this grocery store so I grew up on homemade Italian sausage. Commercial brands are not what I'm really use to but that being said sometimes it's much easier to go to my local grocery store and pick up Johnsonville Italian Sausage. Johnsonville Italian Sausage are tasty they have a perfect amount of flavor and they're awesome on the grill.

I can sum johnsonville mild sausage up with one word yummy. Yummy for breakfast alone or added in an omelette. Yummy in my pasta sauce to go with my spaghetti. The options are endless. It is an item everyone in our household loves. From our 1 year old grandson to my husband. This item I can never go wrong in fixing it for any meal.

LOVE these sausages. I combine these with Johnsonville Sweet Itallian sausage in my sausage and peppers. It is SOOO good. I always make a lot of extra so that there will be left overs for days!!! The mild has just the right amount of spice to not be too strong. It is also perfect for my husband's heartburn too.

This is the only Sausages our family uses, we do love the hot version but the mild is great as well. Easy to cook, I can always make a quick meal with it.

Excellent on the grill.

I don't really like Italian Sausage but this one is pretty good.

I've groown up pn johnsonville brats. The taste is amazing. I always added these to spaghetti. Perfect! It's so hard to find down in Texas though.

Enjoy Johnsonville Sausages over any other brand so far.

great tasting

I use this I'm my spaghetti sauce. My Italian mom in law loves it as much as we do.

I tried these one day when they were on sale. I decided to use them for sausage Italian subs. They are ok, maybe every once in a while if you can find them on sale. High in calories.

This is a favorite at my table. I can cook it in a variety of dishes or just serve straight off the grill.