SodaStream Fountain Jet Soda Maker

SodaStream Fountain Jet Soda Maker

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I love this machine. I love the fact I can add my own amount of carbonation to our drinks. They are coming out with some natural flavors that I am excited about. I am a big fan of soda Stream and have done a review on them.

I purchased the soda stream in October of 2010, almost a year ago. It was easy to assemble, but it did take some trying to get the right amount of syrup into the soda stream. It doesn't take up a lot of space, and if you purchase more than 2 of the plastic bottles it comes with each family member can make up their own flavors. We have tried root beer, lemon lime, cola, orange, and ginger ale. We liked all but the lemon lime. That flavor just never tasted right, but the others were good. We especially liked the ginger ale. We also liked the idea that we could use it as part of our food storage. We want our family to eat as normally as possible in the event that we would have to live off our food storage, and this is a way for us to store drinks for our family to enjoy without taking up a lot of space. We love our soda stream, and with the price of soda going up everyday it just makes more sense.

I have had a soda stream for several years. The flavors are fantastic! I love the fact that the diet sodas use splenda as their sweetner. You can mix your own flavors and they are great with some juice and just carbonated water. Make your own is a great way to save money AND stop filling the landfills with trash!

This is our favorite thing we have purchased in quite a while. My husband and I drink different types of sodas and storing several 12 packs or 2 liter bottles took up lots of refrigerator space. This product is great b/c you can keep lots of flavors around for friends/family without taking up much storage space. Also, you can adjust how much carbonation based on your preference. It makes great sparkling water with or without some added flavors that you can buy - these last a long time. We have given the SodaStream to several relatives and friends and everyone loves it! The sodas (even non-diet) are much healthier than can or bottle sodas and they taste so much better.

I absolutely love this product! We make flavored water and soda every day. And it is so easy to use, my kids can do it too! It saves so much money and is great for the environment. I highly recommend the SodaStream.

My friend introduced me to the SodaStream. It is a healthier option to soda for kids and easy to use.

I tried one of these at Sam's Club and put it on my wish list! I am not a huge soda drinker, but the idea of making sparkling juice drinks with my daughter is wonderful! I love it because it can be used to make sodas that are similar to what is at the store or personalized drinks at home! It is a great alternative for folks who want something healthy to drink! I can control the sugar. Since we don't have recycling services here, I also know that I'm not tossing as much plastic in the trash!

Sodastream is a soda maker for the home or office. This wonderful device not only makes soda, but it also makes sparkling ciders and carbonated waters. I love how easy it is to make them! All you do is fill the bottle that comes with the unit to the fill line with cold tap water, screw into soda maker, and push down the button on top until you hear a buzzing sound 3 times to carbonate. It doesn't take any electricity or batteries. If you want flavoring just add a cap full of the SodaMix flavors or a few drops of the MyWater Essence. Also, you can do what I tried and found very tasty! I make my own sparkling juices... Pick out desired can of juice concentrate (my favorite we tried is 100% apple juice) chilled but completely thawed. Make 1 L bottle of carbonated water up to fill line. Pour 1/4 juice and 1/4 carbonated water in a cup or glass. Stir and drink. Pour remainder of juice concentrate into the bottle, cap and swirl gently. Store in fridge or drink right away. I received the Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker in black and silver from Sodastream along with 1 60 liter Carbonator, 2 Carbonating Bottles, 9 SodaMix flavors - each bottle makes 12 liters of soda and 1 MyWater Essence Variety 3 Pack for free from Sodastream to try out, keep and review. This soda maker can also fit the extra large 110 liter carbonators and has an easy to clean drip tray. I didn't pick the soda I received and got a lot of diet sodas. They were alright tasting though and my absolute favorite of the ones I tried was the diet grapefruit. In my opinion Sodastream's syrups could have been better tasting, but the carbonation at home did make them taste fresher and more refreshing. When my oldest son, Delbin, took his first taste of the energy soda we made with the Sodastream he exclaimed, "First of all, it makes my mouth come alive and also it clears out my nose!"...bubbles up the nose does feel funny, LOL! The calories, carbs, sugar, sodium and caffeine in the SodaMix flavors rank less than regular sodas you would find in the stores. I love that I can control the amount of fizz that goes in to the water if I want and that I am saving the environment by not having to throw away empty cans or bottles. All I have to do is make a bottle of sparkling water to flavor as I please and then once it is all gone to rinse the bottle and air dry. Cleaning is that simple and I don't have trash to throw away because the bottles are reusable. Also, once the carbonator is empty Sodastream will refill it for you for less than the price to buy a new one. Besides that I am not a real big fan of diet soda and that is primarily what I was given to try out, here are my only real dislikes about the Jet: once when I was pressing down the button my finger got caught in between it and the left a small gash on my finger, my dog doesn't like the sound it makes while carbonating...he barks loudly at it like it hurts his ears and lastly the tilt to screw on the bottle is a bit awkward.

It is easy to use and much healthier than bottled soda. Fun for the kids also.

I, too purchased it last year for my husband at Christmas...never regretted it. My daughter calls it "home-made sparklies" for the sparking water - and she's just 2. Agree that some of the flavors take a bit getting used to - but not having to lug home all those bottles of soda from the grocery store is well worth it.

My husband and I are huge fans of sparking water and have spent a small fortune on bottle after bottle over the years. When I discovered the Soda Stream Carbonater, I knew it would be an instant hit. We have had ours for 3 years and use it nearly every day, making everything from root beer to spritzers to classic but simple sparkling water with lemon. It is so convenient and simple to use, and I love that the water stays fresh in the sealable carafes - no more wastage! We use every drop. This gadget is truly one of the best kitchen investments we have made. I highly recommend it!

I love this thing .

I purchased our SodaStream when the product was first available to buy and I have simply NEVER regretted my purchase. Before buying our SodaStream we were spending a ridiculous amount of money each week on sodas we purchased from the store. It was a horrible waste of money and bad for the environment. Since we purchased our SodaStream we have not spent one penny on overpriced sodas of any variety. We make plain sparkling water, ginger ale, diet cola, root beer--you name it. And, it tastes BETTER than the name brand sodas we were spending our money on. We love our SodaStream so much we encouraged a handful of our friends to buy a sodastream fountain maker too! Too bad we didn't get in on a referral program for this product!

I first encountered SodaStream at a family event. We made our own soda. How cool is that?!?!?! The taste was so fresh, so great! Not to be one-upped by my sister, I had to have my own. We use it all the time. Not only is the cola the best I have ever tasted, but the other flavors are great, too. The flavors DO NOT CONTAIN high fructose corn syrup and the diet flavors DO NOT COTAIN aspartame. What a healthy plus! I like being able to make healthy drinks for the kids, too. We make sparkling apple and grape juice. Yum!

This is an item I leave on the counter. My kids love it because they can make any flavor of soda whenever they want. I like it because it saves money and I am not lugging soda from the grocery store.