Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay Naked Palette

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This 12 shadow palette by Urban Decay is on America's (and other countries too tee hee) Most Wanted List! I was able to snag this Palette on Ulta.com You can order it from various websites (Urban Decay.com, Macys.com, Sephora.com ect...) I was trying to hunt this palette down for awhile and scored it by checking the sites lised above like a stalker lol. I have to say it doesn't matter if your a pro, a newbie, or just have to have this... you will love this palette! All the colors are beautiful, and will work on everyone! Choclate brown velvet cover, Naked written in sexy gold letters (letter's are sexy? idk lol ) this will not disapponit! Blendable, no working hard here ladies! The colors ranged from light highlight colors to a drak smokey grey. You also recieve a mini primer potion and a dual ended eye pncil in zero and whiskey (black/brown) You have to have this! I can't find a better value out there!

I absolutely love this product! It includes 12 shadows, a 2 ended liner (zero and whiskey), and a mini primer potion! I love Urban Decay products and it's very nice to see them release a product with so many neutrals! The primer potion is fantastic! Keeps eye make up on for hours! I love every colour! It has a nice chocolate brown velvet cover, with NAKED written in a beautiful gold! The colours are great for any age group. The shadows are very blendable! The colours range from nice nude highlights to very dark smokey greys and blacks. My only complaint is that it took so long to get my hands on this product. A lot of Urban Decay fans were not happy about the limited supply, especially for being a permanent product. UD listened to their fans and have started to produce this in bulk! It retails at $44 which is a very good price considering how much product you get! I would recommend this to anyone! If you haven't tried yet, you really should!

I just recieved this product in the mail on Monday, i must say i love it! my eyes look so pretty with these shimmery eyeshadows. Thier so pretty with alot of different combinations to wear, and super easy to blend, also the eyeliners are the best i ever tried! If you don't have this pallete you need to get it you won't regret it. I got mine at Urban Decay.com.

I adore this pallete, it is great for people who are starting to use makeup because it contains so many colors and two eyeliners, plus the famous primer potion! For 44 dollars, you recieve all this and every single one of the eyeshadows are very pigmented with a mix of some satin, matte and frost shades. Great starter kit! WOuld recommend to every single one of my friends plus ive had this since it first came out and i havent hit pan yet, i use it almost every single day!!!!!! great work urban decay!

Been dying to try this palette!! the colors are gorgeous, but everytime i go on sephoras website it is sold out!!! Im a huge fan of urban decay products so im going to have to grab it in the actual stores. I NEED IT haha

Love Urban Decay and the Naked Palette is amazing! They have the best deals and always have great color palettes! This is one of the bests

I purchased this palette because of all the buzz and great reviews I heard and read. All twelve shadows are full size neutral colors that can be easily transitioned from a day to night time look. The palette includes a mini primer potion and either a double ended 24/7 eyeliner or an eyeshadow brush. The palette is a bit difficult to come by, however, the palette is permanent so you can purchase it, when restocked. If you go to UrbanDecay.com or Sephora.com, you can sign up for a free account and be notified as soon as more palettes become available, that's how I was able to purchase mine. I hope you enjoy experimenting with different looks and techniques as much as I have.

This palette is AMAZING! The first day I tried the shades, I fell in love! As soon as I finished trying all the shades I literally jumped on my computer and ordered a backup palette in case I run out or something happens to the one I was using. If you're iffy about buying this palette, DON'T BE! Its great, the colors are so gorgeous and the combinations are endless! Buy this, you definitely wont regret it! :D

omg i want this palette so badly b/c i never had any urban decay makeup never bought any type and also it is all nude colors and neutral and i love LOVE love neutral!!!!!

I've never had any urban decay makeup, but have been hearing alot of raving about it. , a friend of mine just purchased it and LOVES it.....I can't wait to try it and I love the neutral tones...very exciting!!

I got really lucky and found this on the shelf this weekend at Sephora! Even if I didn't have my 15% off coupon, I wouldn't have hesitated to buy it! Everything I have read about this palette is true ~ 12 amazing shades ~ endless combinations ~ day looks & night looks ~ amazing quality ~ paired with primer potion, stays on all day & 12 shadows, primer, and a brush = AMAZING VALUE! Can't wait to keep trying different combinations!

The Naked Palette was my first Urban Decay product ever. I must say that I am amazed!!!! I love every color. They can be used for any day or night look and they are very blendable. I would recommend this palette to everyone!!

The palette is one of my favorites. The neutral light and dark colors goes with my every mood. It also blends well, so it makes a great smokey eye look.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product! I received it as a gift from a friend :D I was originally going to get it anyway, but she knew I wanted it sooo bad... so she just sent it to me as a gift. I'm so in LOVE with this product. I use it almost everyday for school - the only reason why I wouldn't wear it to school is because I have a sport activity after school or if I have those "no makeup" days. The brush that comes with it is really nice as well. The colors are even nicer if you apply an eye primer (obviously), but the colors are still amazing without it. I'd recommend this to EVERYONE! Even if you already have some neutral eyeshadow palette, I hope you'll still try this. It's amazing. The packaging is cute and simple as well :)

I really love this palette if you love neutral colors this is perfect for you. Also, is very convenient when traveling this is all you will need it is also a bit expensive but very worth it.