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  • dmp515 By  dmp515    

    This is a great toy! My grandson has Scout and my grand-daughter has Violet. They both love to hear their dogs say their names, what they liked to eat and sing to them. Love that they have different length of time settings and different music. Would definitely buy this for a gift for a little one!!

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  • gipena By  gipena    

    My 12 month old daughter received it when she was only 6 months, and boy did it catch her attention. She loves it when "Violet" calls her by name. I love it!!

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  • Jbunch87 By  Jbunch87    

    My son received Scout from Santa and has loved him from the beginning. This sweet learning tool is a great friend for boys and girls. We love that Scout will sing Christmas songs year-round. If you are looking for a new pal for your preschooler, Scout is the one!

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  • katrinadriscoll By  katrinadriscoll    

    My daughter got this as a gift for her second birthday and her and my three year old started fighting over it, they both love it (even though its programmed to say my 2 year old's name) I love the leap frog toys that you can personalize, my daughter gets really excited when it sings her name and knows what her favorite food and animal are!

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  • NickChick By  NickChick    

    My son has had "Scout" since he was 6 months old and absolutely LOVES him! He is now 2 1/2 and he still listens to it every night! I love that you can set it to 10 min on lullaby because I dont have to keep going in there to turn more music on for him! Plus since he is older now, sometimes we hear him in there singing the songs along with it! Cute way for kids to learn to say AND spell their names.

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  • love4999 By  love4999    

    My daughter loves Scout. She sleeps with him every night! For under $20, it is a really nice toy. Made well, attractive, and it teaches little ones to spell theri names. Definately would give as a gift!

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  • Lunasmommy By  Lunasmommy    

    My 2 year old loves her puppy. We have to violet one. But she loves how the puppy talks to her, and knows her name. She gets really excited when the puppy talks directly to her.

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  • lstump324 By  lstump324    

    My son loves his Scout dog. He got it when he was about 9 months old but really started to play with him after he turned one and really started dancing and singing. Unfortunately we had to take it out of the crib because he would roll on the dog and Scout would start talking in the middle of the night. Overall, I would recommend this toy to anyone that wants to have a fun but education toy for their child.

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  • akearney By  akearney    

    My daughter has the Girl version "Violet" She sleeps with it everynight. We bought it for her when she was about 6 months old, she didnt have much interest in it then. Just recently she has gotten attached again to it agai (she's 22 months). Everynight she has to toss Violet in bed with her and every morning she comes out with her too. She loves the night time setting on it. She will lay in her bed and play with it for a good hour before she wakes us up in the morning. I thinks she really likes that it is programmed with her name and all her favorites. I recently recommended it to a friend, and her daugher loved it too! It's definetly on my list of gifts for birthdays.

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  • trina1975 By  trina1975    

    Bought one for my daughter for her birthday. She absolutely loves it and she plays with it constantly. My son started begging me for one of them too and we got him one for Christmas. They both love how it says their names and sings songs about them. It seems very durable and it is very easy for a little one to operate.

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  • Jaji525 By  Jaji525    

    I just bought the purple one "Violet" for my daughter and its amazing she loves this toy she's only 10 months old and though she is very curious and interrested in many thing this is the only toy she hasnt tossed to the side she even falls asleep with it everynight since I bought it, AND ON TOP OF THAT I LOVE THIS THING I HOOK IT UP TO THE COMPUTER AND DO SO MANY COOL THINGS WITH IT !!IF IHAD TO RATE THIS PRODUCT ON A SCALE OF 1 TO 10 I'LL RATE IT 20.9

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  • tlcmommaof5 By  tlcmommaof5    

    My sister bought this for my youngest son for his first Christmas last year. He was only 7 months old at the time, and absolutely loved it. It didn't take him long to figure out how to push the paws to play music or make Scout talk. It has a night time paw, that when pushed can play 2, 5, or 10 minutes of lullabye music depending on how many times you press the paw. Jacob won't go to be without him now. He was accidentally wrapped up in my son's bedding to be washed not to long ago, and was ran through the washer, and yet came out working like new, and thankfully clean.

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