Hershey 's Candy Cane Kisses

Hershey 's Candy Cane Kisses

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These are SO addicting! I love them. I wish they were available year round!

I tried these for the 1st time this year. These are awesome. Wish they sold them year round. Love the white chocolate the little bit of peppermint. I plan to stock up so that I have some for after the holidays!

I buy these every year to use in my cookies. They taste great, and look festive. I really love them.

I love the mint taste and the white chocolate, and the look is very Christmasy. We used them on a recipe from Hershey's site where you press them into cookies that are decorated with red and green sugar. Very Christmasy.

Omg! These little Candy Cane Kisses are to die for! They don't last very long in our house. I love the subtle crunch of candy cane bits.

Love these....very mild peppermint flavor making it easy to eat more than one! Our bag didn't last long...the kids loved them as well.

I really enjoyed these, very minty. They are one of the only white chocolate based kisses by Hershey and they are great for the holidays. I chopped them up and used them in a chocolate cookie base which turned out great!

Tried these at Christmas time last year ,they are fantastic, wish they made them for a longer time than at Christmas!!

These chocolates are great for Christmas. My little girl loves them.

Yum-e! That sums it up! Great amount of candy to enjoy one every once in awhile and not feel too guilty!

I love mint chocolate and these are scrumptious. Love the little bits of peppermint! What a great treat.

I love these treats that come out once a year! my mother always gets them in there stocking as well! They are delicious and the white chocolate part really has a kick! two thumbs up for anyone you know who loves peppermint!

I've been buying these for the last 2 or 3 years now, and I really look forward to them each year. I like the little crunchy bits of peppermint with the creamy white chocolate. Unfortunately, now everyone knows about them so I can't stock up in bulk after the holidays like I did the first year!

I love using these on top of mint sugar cookies- yummy! I wish they made them red & green- otherwise they are awesome!

These are so good. They remind me of peppermint bark. The have just the right amount of mint and of course are the perfect size for popping in your mouth.