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  • EndeavorsinEducation By  EndeavorsinEducation    

    Love the clean scent...perfect for every day wear. I get lots of compliments when I wear it.

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    good for everyday

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  • kittylovesbeauty By  kittylovesbeauty    

    I loved this perfume when i was in high school, i stop using it just because somehow i got allergic to it but i if could I'll use it again, is one of my favorite live it

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  • Hunneybee88 By  Hunneybee88    

    This perfume smells very good! I bought a bottle for my mom a few years back and we both love it!

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  • Tabitha28 By  Tabitha28    

    This is probably the only perfume I will actually wear!! I love the smell its not to strong and it smells very nice and last all day, it doesn't wear off!

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  • samanthalee139 By  samanthalee139    

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. The scent lasts nearly all day and you really do only need ONE spray.

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  • sferreira By  sferreira    

    very refreshing . i have 4 of these lol

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  • BarnsieBear By  BarnsieBear    

    One of the best clean scents that are out there, I love this smell!

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  • PrettyGee By  PrettyGee    

    A friend gives me a bottle of this perfume as a gift. I was so eager to try it when he handed it to me. It was a love at first smell. I so love how it smells, light and fresh, a modern feminine scent. I'm so confident using it.

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  • melibee_g By  melibee_g    

    Favorite! Smells fresh and clean and the scent lasts a long time without being too overwhelming

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  • jazcristi By  jazcristi    

    I love this sexy, feminine, irresistible scent which I use day and night for any occasion and everyone loves it! After trying out lots of different perfumes in the store this was definitely the nicest!

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  • SJBrooks By  SJBrooks    

    I've personally never worn this fragrance. However, I have approached women about the fragrance they were wearing and several times it was Light Blue. Definitely on my to buy list.

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  • Leeniewho By  Leeniewho    

    I do like this, it smells good and lasts. But my favorite is still D&G The One!

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  • ninap18 By  ninap18    

    wonderful fragrance and it lasts! overall great perfume!

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  • jenni0531 By  jenni0531    

    favorite summer time smell...makes you feel clean, fresh and sexy...a must have for the summer months.

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