Sinful Colors  Professional Nail Polish

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish

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For the price, was not on sale when I got it, the quality is seriously lacking. I have tried the polish with and without base and/or topcoat, from one to give coats and it chips and cracks so easily. I can't keep it in for over 20 minutes or so after complete drying. The colors are beautiful but cannot enjoy them on my nails considering the chipping and cracking. I will not be buying this product again and would not recommend it to anyone either. I gave it one star because a star rating seemed to be required to submit my review.

We love Sinful Polishes. Being a stylist my hands are always in water and this particular brand polish actually lasted 4 days before it started wearing off. We have all the holiday polishes in this brand. My favorite it the St partricks green and green glitter.

Works really well especially for being so inexpensive. Some colors are really thin and require multiple coats of the polish to to applied to get the color to look decent and not translucent.

I typically only purchase these when they're on sale at Walgreens. They have a variety of colors to chose from and are constantly releasing new ones. These nail polishes are very good for their retail/sale price but, they chip easily and are usually low quality. I sometimes find that they chip within an hour or sometimes within a day. I'll continue to purchase these because I change my nail polish every other day anyway so, I don't mind reapplying them.

They are so affordable and the colors are so pigmented.

Hands down the worst nail polish I've ever used. It clumps and does not run smooth on nails.

I love the colors but this polish is really low quality which means that it tends to chip within a few days.

Super product! Kinda like China Glaze. Great color selection, a bit harder to find in stores I find it at Walgreens and Target. Price is awesome about $3. Doesn't get all thick and goopy and has a nice smooth finish. I do find it chips more than China Glaze but I use my hands a looot. Do try it out!

I love sinful colors! You can't go wrong for $2! They have many gorgeous colors. I love that they last a decent amount of days for me.

Are you kidding me? You can't go wrong with this product, for 2 bucks! I have a collection from this brand!

I love these. They last upwards a week before they start chipping. It is better than some of the "no chip" polishes I have. I will buy more.

Wow for an inexpensive nailpolish this brand gives great coverage I just purchased 2 bottles on sale at Walgreen's for $.99 each regular price !.99 and $4.99 for the crackle. the purple glitter is a deep rich color and the crackle works even better than the expensive one my daughter purchased a few weeks ago. overall a lot of bang for your buck with this brand

I love this nail polish!! The colors are beautiful!! They also have a great variety. Does not chip off! The Price is Right!!

These are a GREAT alternative if you'd like a lot of variety but don't want to spend a lot of money. Great shades and the coverage is excellent. I especially love that these go on sale regularly at stores like Walgreens - they retail for about $1.99 usually but rarely a month goes by that I don't see a 2/$3 or $.99 sale...

For the money, a great product. Most of my nail polish is this brand. As a mom to two teen girls who like to use my nail polish this is handy and relatively inexpensive. I have noticed that about 1/2 through a bottle it will thicken up - my solution for that is a few drops of nail polish remover in the bottle and shake really well. I am rough on my nails due to gardening and crafts (and moving) so I need somthing that will hold up well. Chipping and peeling is minimal, especially if I throw a top coat on. I love the fact taht they go on sale frequently and come in seasonal colors along with thier regular array of colors!