Perdue Chicken Nuggets

Perdue Chicken Nuggets

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They were verry good. We tried the Chicken Tenders. Got some BBQ wings too will have to try them out also and post my review.

I was not able to find the frozen variety yet at the stores I checked. I have started purchasing the fresh, fully cooked nuggets and my kids LOVE them.

Love this chicken and the variety!! I have not seen one product that offered that many different options. Only thing I would like is the price to be a little lower. I can afford with my coupons, but once my coupons are gone, it may be a little expensive.

Perdue chicken Nuggets are the only brand I will buy. Have been using the refrigerated nuggets for 15 years! Raised my teenage son and his friends on them. Now, my two daughters, ages 9 & 10, love them too! They loved the frozen nuggets just as much as the unfrozen. Love participating in this program, and trying new things! Thanks SheSpeaks! :)

These were not only great for my kids, but I loved them, too!

These got a thumbs up from the kids and I like that they are quick and easy to make on nights when supper is running late.

These taste pretty good and are easy and fast to warm. I used them in a pinch recently when we had some guests with a little girl who loved nuggets. (My daughter is indifferent towards them, sometimes she eats them and sometimes she won't). I didn't serve my kids nuggets at all at home until this program. I'll probably eat them more than my kids will. I am really picky about what they eat - like most parents.

Nicely surprised by these nuggets. The kids liked them, my husband liked them and they actually had meat in them (not processed who knows what!!!). Quick and to love them!

Yum! We will definitely buy these again. We stopped buying frozen chicken nuggets for a long time....But, my kids loved these and we will buy them again. They are also not bad for the adults!

These got a thumbs up from my little girl and husbnd. I like that they are quick and easy to make on nights when supper is running late.

The nuggets were tasty and very easy to make in the microwave. Our kids loved it.

I wasn't able to get the chicken nuggets, but was able to try the popcorn chicken, the honey bbq, and burbon glazed. I liked that these were real chicken chunks. I did like the plain popcorn chicken the best, they came out nice and crunchy on the outside, moist and flavorful on the inside.

They were pretty good and actually we use them as a quick chicken salad dinner!

Very yummy. My kids love them. I even find them quite tasty.

My kids enjoyed these nuggets. Compared to the others the nuggets had more of a consistancy to them and they were not rubbery like others are.