Perdue Chicken Nuggets

Perdue Chicken Nuggets

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These are the only chicken nuggets my picky son will eat. They taste like chicken-not rubbery like other brands. These nuggets are great when you need a quick meal and you don't have to feel guilty for serving them since they're all white meat. Thanks for the coupons!!

Great taste, easy to make and everyone in the house loves them

This is the only chicken nuggets I will buy for my kids. When they bite them I can see real white chicken. I also only buy the whole grain, non-fried nuggets. I almost feel like I am giving them a healthy meal... almost, LOL

My kids absolutely love these chicken nuggets. I am not usually a big fan of chicken nuggets, but the all white meat in these make me feel like I am giving my children a more nutritious option. I will always be sure to have these on hand for a quick meal for my family.

Me and my family really enjoyed Perdue's Bourbon Chicken...especially my husband. Even with my coupon, I still had to pay an additional $2.00 but found that another store in my area have them cheaper. Even though the chicken was good and I love the fact that they do not contain fillers and perservatives, this product will definately be a splurge for me.

Very moist inside, and flavorful!

These chicken nuggets taste great, my 10 year old son loves them. I have bought 5 bags and my grandchildren love them as much as he does. So glad they don't have fillers and preservatives in them. Will definitely buy in the future.

I liked the chicken - the fact that it was all white meat and no fillers or preservatives. The whole grain strips with fiber were even more appealing, and my children enjoyed the chicken. I was happy to see that this looked more like real chicken that I would make myself but was ready in a flash. The big downer? My local store sells a 2 pound bag for $9.99. That's a lot....

We have been looking for home cooking tasting chicken from the freezer and these are pretty darn close. Even my pickiest little one loved the batter and they were nicely browned. Our only complaint was that they were not crispy like the name implied.

I bought the chicken strips and they were delicious, however that was my only choice in the store. Over 2 months I searched for them. They were a bit pricey for the amount of chicken in them and even with the free coupon I still had to had to pay about $2 more. I was hoping for chicken nuggets since we eat a lot of them, but still have not seen them. With the extra coupons I did buy another bag of the strips and again they are very good. I'm just unsure if the cost out ways the price and the amount of chicken in them. (Big bag-little chicken). I also loved the silicone baking mat, but not very big for a family. So overall I guess I would buy these on a splurge or a special treat (verses the cheaper brand)

These are the best frozen chicken nuggets that we have tasted, like others have said they are kind of expensive for the amount of nuggets you get.

love them. Taste as good as the fresh ones.

These are by far and away my family's favorite. We eat tons of chicken nuggets and these are the only ones that we all think taste like chicken. They are all white meat and have no fillers in them. Yea!!

Perdue chicken is the best on the market. My kids love it and it's so easy to pop in the oven anytime. The popcorn chicken is their favorite.

Tasty! Crispy and delicious!