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  • apey16 By  apey16    

    These are absolutely AMAZING. They're rich, moist and delicious!

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  • Liduvina By  Liduvina    

    Delicious! Affordable. This is a good product taste good rich and moist.

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  • towlemelissa By  towlemelissa    

    Yum and very affordable

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  • CSverde By  CSverde    

    Delicious and surprisingly affordable, they are the perfect brownie to make if you are looking for some real comfort food.

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  • Solimar By  Solimar    

    These are super quick and easy to make and always a crowd-pleaser. Probably my favorite mix.

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  • Bianca0201 By  Bianca0201    

    I can't even describe how amazing this tasted. Being a chocolate lover, and a supporter of Ghirardelli, I fell in love with this brownie mix.

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  • Preschoolteachershelly By  Preschoolteachershelly    

    I love this brownie mix! It's simple to bake and has a great taste!

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  • nightdescends By  nightdescends    

    As a baker, I tend to make my own brownies. But every once in awhile, I want something fast, easy and delicious. And that's exactly what I discovered Ghirardelli Brownie Mix to be. They make the perfect chewy, moist and rich brownies anyone could ever want. I highly urge everyone to try these. You won't be sorry. The Ghirardelli Brownie Mix may be a little more expensive than others out there, but so worth the extra money. Yum!

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  • freestuffjanedoe By  freestuffjanedoe    

    These are okay. Not the most chewy,and they don't have the best topping. But, they are a decent brownie

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  • ab1490 By  ab1490    

    If you are a chocaholic then give these a try! They are an awesome experience in your mouth but not so much for your waistline. So in moderation.

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  • Jenicsf By  Jenicsf    

    These are rich moist and wonderful. Hands above any other boxed brand.

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  • fuzzycricket By  fuzzycricket    

    These are delicious! My local store had them on sale recently and I bought several boxes to have on hand when I need a quick dessert. My favorite chocolates are Ghirardelli anyway - especially the dark chocolate.

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  • zoeybeth10 By  zoeybeth10    

    These brownie mixes are wonderful. the chocolate flavor is out of this world. very easy to make.

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  • jackrocks By  jackrocks    

    These brownie mixes are the best on the shelf! I use apple sauce in place of oil while baking and they come out moist and delicious and lower in fat!

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  • bassenav By  bassenav    

    This is the mix I grab when I don't have time to bake from scratch!

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